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    Accursed Toys, Inc.

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    Accursed Toys was a software company founded in 1992 by Jennifer Diane Reitz and Stephen P. Lepisto.

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    Accursed Toys published their first game, Boppin', in 1992 for the Amiga. When the Amiga release proved a dismal failure (selling, reportedly, a puny 284 copies), Accursed partnered with Apogee to release the game for DOS in 1995, using Apogee's shareware system, where it proved considerably more popular.

    Accursed Toys released only one other game, Laboratory of Life. They also created a search engine called "Cognagent", desktop programs called Kamishibai and Otaku Mascot, and the websites "Happy Puppy" (a video game news and downloads website; now a dead link) and "Otaku World" (an anime and manga website). They began work on an RPG titled Kokoro Wish, but at some point, the project was cancelled.

    Jennifer Diane Reitz, the co-founder, would go on to create the webcomics Unicorn Jelly and Pastel Defender Heliotrope, as well as many other works located on her website,


    Accursed Toys, at the time, was noted for its disturbing logo, which featured a teddy bear with a knife stabbed into its chest, bleeding profusely from the wound. Accursed called the bear "Deady Bear", and their website refers to the logo as "the world famous 'Deady Bear' logo".

    Upon their release of Boppin', Apogee was concerned about the graphic appearance of Deady Bear, and censored it. Upon booting up the game, by default, players would instead see Deady standing upright, holding a plunger like a weapon. However, the original logo could still be viewed if players typed in the code "blood" when prompting the game to run.


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