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    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released May 28, 2009

    An Ace Attorney spin-off for the Nintendo DS, starring Phoenix Wright's longtime rival, prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Several new gameplay systems and changes separate it from the main series, including real-time character movement in the traditional point-&-click style.

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    Miles Edgeworth
    Miles Edgeworth

    Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations is a point-and-click crime-solving adventure game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo DS. It was first released in Japan on May 28th, 2009 in Japan (known as "Gyakuten Kenji," literally "Turnabout Prosecutor") before hitting shelves in 2010 elsewhere, going on sale in America on February 16th, Australia on February 18th, and Europe on February 19th. The game follows the popular prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a supporting character in the previous Ace Attorney titles, as he attempts to solve a series of murders and bring the perpetrators to justice.

    The adventure takes place in the Ace Attorney universe, features several returning characters, and maintains a similar art style to its predecessors, but is different from past games in terms of gameplay. It features full body animation and involves more deduction and gathering clues than previously in the series, forcing the player to spend an increased amount of time at the crime scene itself. Character designer Tatsurou Iwamoto stated that this game would be an attempt to introduce the series to a wider audience. This is the first Ace Attorney game in which Phoenix Wright has no dialogue. In fact, his only appearance is an extremely brief and hidden cameo in the background of one scene. Wright's presence is still felt, though; he is mentioned (though not by name) by a couple of characters, including Edgeworth.


    Edgeworth can look around crime scenes
    Edgeworth can look around crime scenes

    The player takes control of Miles Edgeworth, as he tries to solve various cases. There are five episodes, each one containing a different crime. Edgeworth's ultimate goal in them is to find the guilty party and to collect enough evidence to prove it. He does this by interrogating witnesses and investigating crime scenes and other places of interest. Using the touchscreen or the D-pad, the player can move Edgeworth around the current area in the top screen. Clues are gathered by examining key points, while characters often give vital information when spoken to. The bottom screen primarily shows a map of Edgeworth's surroundings or a large 'play' button that allows the player to continue reading dialogue, but the 'Organizer'--which acts like an inventory, storing each piece of relevant item he comes across in the case--can be accessed at any time.

    As the case progresses, Edgeworth will have unresolved loose ends relevant to his investigation. These are stored as 'Logic' points, and will generally come about by examining items or speaking with people. By connecting two Logics together, new leads can be formed. For example, by tying the detective victim to the police-issued revolver after discovering the victim's gun holster is empty, logic dictates that the revolver belonged to the deceased. Edgeworth may also be called upon to make 'deductions' when examining a particular item, if there is a contradiction based on the evidence collected.

    Logic forms new leads
    Logic forms new leads

    Similar to previous games in the series, on the top screen, key characters will give statements--whether they be testimonies or arguments--and Edgeworth has to find contradictions within them by presenting the correct piece of evidence on the bottom screen, pressing them on certain points if need be (early on in the game, when calling out a contradiction, Edgeworth quips that he reminds himself of Phoenix Wright a little). These faceoffs, known as "rebuttals" in the game and not cross-examinations, usually happen while investigating the crime, unlike in the Phoenix Wright games where they are reserved for the courtroom. Rebuttals are required to discover new information regarding the case, defend a person, or prove that the testifying person is lying. The DS microphone can be utilized to press or present evidence during rebuttals and deductions by saying out phrases like "hold it," "take that," "objection," or "eureka," though this is entirely optional.

    To act as a deterrent against wild guesswork, the player has a life meter that gradually depletes every time a wrong assumption is made. This could be if two unrelated Logic points are connected, an incorrect deduction is made, or if the wrong piece of evidence is used to show a contradiction in a testimony or argument. When the bar is empty, a Game Over screen appears, and the game must be resumed from the last save point. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is also played out in a linear fashion. The player cannot progress to the next stage of the case until everything has been investigated and concluded in the current scene, and the player cannot tackle the next case until the previous one has been fully solved.


    Dialogue is usually displayed in white text, though orange or green is sometimes used to emphasize key words. Blue text signifies what Edgeworth is thinking at that moment, while silence is subtitled using periods.

    Despite the serious nature of the game, the text in the Miles Edgeworth spin-off is intended to be humorous at times, much like the other games in the series. This is complemented by the way the characters are drawn and animated as cartoons. Detective Dick Gumshoe, one of the main supporting characters, is the main source of comic relief as a clumsy and dopey sidekick, though almost every character that Edgeworth comes across also has a couple of unique and exaggerated traits. Examples include the uncanny ability to fall asleep at the most inopportune time and the frequent spouting out of ancient proverbs. Occasionally, the humor is self-deprecating--Edgeworth's constant pointing and the overuse of subtitled silences are both targets of jokes at the expense of the game itself--while at other times, self-referential jokes are made in a nod back to some of the past cases in the Phoenix Wright trilogy.


    Key characters

    Detective Dick Gumshoe
    Detective Dick Gumshoe

    These characters feature prominently and play major roles in the game.

    • Miles Edgeworth - The protagonist. A prosecutor caught up in a series of related cases. Strives to seek the truth. Appears in all five cases.
    • Detective Dick Gumshoe - Edgeworth's dopey yet loyal detective partner. Appears in all five cases.
    • Franziska von Karma - A strict prosecutor who despises incompetence. Regularly abusesothers with her whip. Appears in cases 2, 4, and 5.
    • Kay Faraday - An enthusiastic self-purported thief. Appears in cases 3, 4, and 5.
    • Shi-Long Lang - An Interpol agent who detests prosecutors. Appears in cases 3, 4, and 5.

    Returning characters

    Mike Meekins
    Mike Meekins

    These characters have previously appeared in an Ace Attorney game.

    • Maggey Byrde - A friend of Gumshoe. Claims to be unlucky. Appears in case 1.
    • Mike Meekins - A docile police officer dressed as the Blue Badger. Appears in case 3.
    • Ema Skye - An old acquaintance of Edgeworth who has an obsession with forensics. Appears in case 3.
    • Wendy Oldbag - An impatient old lady who has a crush on Edgeworth. Has the tendency to rant. Appears in cases 3 and 5.
    • Manfred von Karma - Edgeworth's mentor and an extremely proud prosecutor. Appears in case 4.
    • The Judge - The person who delivers verdicts in the court room. Appears in case 4.
    • Larry Butz - A childhood friend of Edgeworth. Appears in case 5

    Other characters

    Ernest Amano
    Ernest Amano

    These characters are new to Ace Attorney but are involved in one or two of the cases.

    Lauren Paups
    Lauren Paups
    • Jacques Portsman - A corrupt prosecutor. Appears in cases 1 and 3.
    • Buddy Faith - A detective and partner of Portsman. The murder victim in case 1. Also appears in case 3.
    • Akbey Hicks - An Interpol agent investigating the smuggling ring. The murder victim in case 2.
    • Rhoda Teneiro - A flight attendant who aids Edgeworth in investigating Hicks' death. Appears in case 2.
    • Zinc Lablanc - A Borginian art dealer on the same flight as Edgeworth. Appears in case 2.
    • Cammy Meele - A flight attendant and colleague of Teneiro. Appears in case 2.
    • Ernest Amano - A friend of Edgeworth and owner of the Amano Group. Appears in case 3.
    • Lance Amano - Son of Ernest and the target of a kidnapping. Said to be a bit of a playboy. Appears in case 3.
    • Shih-na - Trusty and composed secretary to Agent Lang. Appears in cases 3 and 5.
    • Colin Devorae - The Amano family butler. The murder victim in case 3.
    • Lauren Paups - Girlfriend of Lance Amano. Appears in case 3.
    • Bryne Faraday - Father of Kay and a prosecutor. A murder victim in case 4.
    • Mack Rell - A man on trial facing a murder accusation. A murder victim in case 4.
    • Calisto Yew - An easily amused defense lawyer. Appears in cases 4 and 5.
    • Detective Tyrell Badd - A veteran detective hunting a thief known as the Yatagarasu. Appears in cases 4 and 5.
    • Manny Coachen - The secretariat of the Babahlese Embassy. A murder victim in case 5. Also appears in case 4.
    • Colias Palaerno - An ambassador of Babahl. Friendly and welcoming. Appears in case 5.
    • Quercus Alba - An ambassador of Allebahst. Overly harsh on himself. Appears in case 5.
    • Ka-Shi Nou - A thief that goes under the name Mask DeMasque II. A murder victim in case 5.

    Cameo appearances

    Phoenix's cameo
    Phoenix's cameo

    Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Pearl Fey can be seen in the background riding a boat during one of the scenes in case 3, "The Kidnapped Turnabout." The only way to see these cameo appearances is to leave the "Wild, Wild West" area and move to the main gate just before Edgeworth enters the kidnappers' hideout.

    This is entirely hidden, as there is no reason for the player to investigate the main gate at this stage of the case.


    The story takes place after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations and before Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. In the overarching plot, the events of this game occur mere months before Phoenix Wright's final trial, which disbarred him from the courts. The episodes themselves aren't in chronological order.

    Warning: This section contains major spoilers. Do not read further if you don't want the cases spoilt for you.

    Case 1: Turnabout Visitor

    Examining Faith's body with Gumshoe
    Examining Faith's body with Gumshoe

    After his return from overseas business, Miles Edgeworth returns to his office to find a dead body amongst a pile of collapsed case files. In the darkness of his office, another person holds Edgeworth at gunpoint. After an exchange of words, the mysterious figure shoots down Edgeworth's framed jacket and flees the scene. As the investigation starts, Detective Dick Gumshoe arrives on the scene and assists Edgeworth in gathering evidence. They identify the dead body as Buddy Faith, a detective in the local precinct and friend of famed prosecutor Jacques Portsman, who works next door from Edgeworth.

    Throughout the crime investigation, Portsman tries to pin the crime on others, including Detective Gumshoe (who had been tasked by Edgeworth to take care of his office in his absence) and Maggey Byrde (who had the master key). Really, though, it was Portsman himself who performed the murder; he tricked Byrde into opening the wrong office door by switching the door numbers and moving his noticeable basketball hoop next to it. As he was loudly rummaging through the office, Faith--looking for his partner next door--investigated the noises and caught him red-handed. Portsman then silenced Faith, who had let his guard down, with a gunshot to the chest and wrote Gumshoe's name in blood in an attempt to frame him.

    Edgeworth also deduces that not long after the murder was committed and after Portsman had left the scene, a second intruder entered Edgeworth's office. Having stolen the master key to gain access inside, he took a specific file from the shelves (one of the File 0s). It just so happened that Edgeworth came back at that time, and this thief was forced to hold him at gunpoint to escape. Having ripped out a few pages from it, he then left a black calling card with the mark of a three-legged raven behind to signify his identity--the Great Thief, Yatagarasu, known for being a mysterious Robin Hood-type figure who exposes corrupt dealings to the public. At this point, it is unknown what the significance of this File 0 is. Edgeworth admits that the File 0s aren't his, and that he was safekeeping them for someone else.

    Case 2: Turnabout Airlines

    Hicks' body is found
    Hicks' body is found

    Two days before the events of Turnabout Visitor, Edgeworth gets rendered unconscious due to airplane turbulence on his flight back. Minutes after he wakes up, he discovers a dead body hidden in the elevator connecting the first and second floor of the plane's first class section. A flight attendant, Rhoda Teneiro, sees Edgeworth near the dead body and accuses him of murder. After convincing Teneiro that he is innocent and learning that the victim was Mr. Akbey Hicks, Edgeworth investigates the supposed crime scene, supervised by the flight attendant. He eventually deduces that the elevator wasn't where the murder took place. Compelling evidence suggests that a suitcase found in the plane's shop was used to transport the victim to the elevator, in addition to the likely murder weapon--a piggy bank--being fake. The suitcase also contained a bloody Borginian cloth.

    Franziska von Karma, a friend of Edgeworth, heads the investigation as soon as the plane lands at the destination, and reveals that she was working with two Interpol agents looking into a smuggling ring, Hicks being one of them. Von Karma was waiting at the airport for his arrival. Evidence soon points to Teneiro as the killer as the murder took place in the cargo hold, and only she had the keycard that could access the place. Teneiro, however, is adamant that the keycard was stolen. It is not until the cargo hold is investigated further that the clues lead to the correct killer. After the autospy determines that there was massive bruising from Hicks' right shoulder to his mid-back, which discounts the piggy bank as the weapon, Edgeworth deduces that Hicks fell to his death from the top of the stairs of the cargo hold. Blood traces confirm this theory.

    Examining the lounge area
    Examining the lounge area

    Despite von Karma being insistent that Teneiro is the culprit, Edgeworth becomes convinced that Cammy Meele, another flight attendant on the plane, was responsible for the crime after he finds a forged document in Borginian that implies her involvement in the smuggling ring. When Hicks' damaged cell phone is found, von Karma transfers the photos Hicks took to her own. One of the photos taken before the stopover in Zheng Fa shows a box of Borginian cloths in the cargo hold; it was obviously offloaded in Zheng Fa. Meele, the only Borginian-fluent flight attendant on board, soon confesses to her crime when Edgeworth reasons that only someone who could read Borginian would open the box cloths to wipe off the blood from the floor instead of going for the box clearly labelled "bedsheets" in English.

    The murder was performed in the heat of the moment when she realised Agent Hicks was investigating the smuggling ring. Because the deed took place in the cargo hold, Meele knew that there would only be two suspects, herself and Teneiro. So, she tried to frame it on her colleague, Teneiro by stuffing Hicks' body inside a suitcase with the intention of swapping it with Teneiro's. Her plan went awry when the turbulence caused the suitcase to open while she was on the elevator. With Hicks and his various possessions scattered all over the place and with barely any time, she instead attempted to divert the suspicion onto Edgeworth by placing Hicks' passport in the prosecutor's possession and by fabricating a murder weapon.

    Case 3: The Kidnapped Turnabout

    Meeting Lang face-to-face
    Meeting Lang face-to-face

    One day after the events of Turnabout Airlines, Edgeworth makes good on a favor for Ernest Amano. He is tasked with delivering a sum of one million dollars to a specified location at the local Gatewater Amusement Park in exchange for Ernest's 21 year-old kidnapped son, Lance Amano. However, Edgeworth gets knocked unconscious and is tied up in the isolation room next to the kidnappers' hideout. He is soon found by Kay Faraday, who claims to be the successor of the Great Thief, Yatagarasu, and both escape the building. Outside, Edgeworth finds that the investigation has been hijacked by an Interpol agent, Shi-Long Lang, who refuses to work with him and calls prosecutors "filthy." The agent appears to be the second one Franziska von Karma is working with.

    Despite Lang's hijacking, Edgeworth carries out his own investigation with Ernest Amano's permission; Kay Faraday enthusiastically tags along. At the "Wild, Wild West" area of the amusement park, footprints left by someone wearing a badger mascot costume lead to a body--Oliver Deacon, the Amano family butler--inside a garage. Lang returns to arrest Officer Mike Meekins, who sports a Blue Badger costume, for the murder. Edgeworth and Faraday then go to the stadium, and with Wendy Oldbag's testimony, Faraday's "Little Thief" simulation device, and Ema Skye's footprint analysis, they are able to determine that this is the likely crime scene and that both the killer and victim were the kidnappers wearing badger costumes. Not long afterward, the kidnapped Lance Amano staggers onto the scene, claiming to have escaped.

    Lang and his secretary Shih-na at the stadium
    Lang and his secretary Shih-na at the stadium

    With three sets of costumes stolen, Edgeworth realizes that there were three kidnappers involved and not two; there was someone else other than the killer and Deacon. Interestingly, Deacon also turns out to be an escaped felon by the name of Colin Devorae. A tip from Gumshoe leads Edgeworth and Faraday to the main gate where they find the Blue Badger's costume belonging to Lauren Paups, the girlfriend of Lance Amano and unsuspecting daughter of Deacon. She is shocked when she learns her blood relation to Deacon. With Meekins cleared, she becomes the prime suspect. However, Edgeworth works out that Lance Amano, who had severe debt problems, was the third kidnapper and faked his own kidnapping with Deacon and Paups. Furthermore, he believes that Lance was the one who shot Deacon and that he donned Deacon's costume to set up the scene at the stadium, making Paups think she did it when she only had a gun that fired blanks.

    When Ernest Amano interrupts the heated discussion with Deacon's costume with the intention of clearing his son's name, it only proves Edgeworth's theory further as the costume shows Deacon was shot at point-blank range, whereas the scene Oldbag witnessed at the stadium had Paups shooting from a moderate distance. When mirror fragments are also found inside the costume, Edgeworth reckons that the murder really took place in the haunted house, full of mirrors. However, Ernest bought it after Lance gave the ransom money back, and denies Edgeworth permission to investigate the haunted house.

    Kay Faraday
    Kay Faraday

    Using Faraday's "Little Thief" device, though, the haunted house is recreated, and through that, Edgeworth is able to force Lance Amano to confess after he proves that the haunted house was the scene of the crime. With Paups never having set foot inside, that leaves just one person who could have killed Deacon. Lance spills that Deacon turned on him and assumes that it was for the money, and so in self-defense, he managed to grab the gun and shoot him dead. Lance and Ernest are then both arrested, the latter for obstruction of justice.

    Before they are carted away, Lang reveals that he traveled all this way because he believes Ernest was part of a smuggling ring ten years ago--the KG-8 Incident--but his secretary at the time, Colin Devorae later known as Oliver Deacon, took the fall as the ringleader of the operation. When he escaped, Deacon remained silent as Ernest provided safety from the police. After Lang leaves, his secretary Shih-na admits that Lang despises prosecutors because one tarnished the Lang family name by tampering with evidence a Lang detective had submitted. Edgeworth also reassures Paups that her father was watching over her and that he had little interest in the kidnapping given his sudden attack on Lance; Lance had found out about the father-daughter connection and coerced him into taking part in the plot. Finally, Faraday shows her surprise that neither Edgeworth nor Gumshoe recognize her. She says that they met seven years ago and hands Edgeworth a white cloth, leading him to reminisce an old case.

    Case 4: Turnabout Reminiscence

    The Judge
    The Judge

    This episode flashes back to seven years ago to what was supposed to be Miles Edgeworth's first court appearance. When defendant Mack Rell accuses prosecutor Bryne Faraday of being the Yatagarasu, the Great Thief, the Judge calls for a stand-in replacement prosecutor. Manfred von Karma gives Edgeworth the opportunity to impress by handing him this role, but at the end of the recess, Faraday and Rell are both found dead in a defendant lobby. Von Karma tasks Edgeworth and his daughter Franziska to head the investigation. Assisted by a newly promoted Detective Gumshoe, Edgeworth deduces that a third party killed both Faraday and Rill. Because Gumshoe was on guard duty, he is the first main suspect of the case.

    Meanwhile, Edgeworth learns more about the KG-8 Incident that happened three years ago, firstly from Manfred von Karma and then from defense lawyer Calisto Yew, whose sister Cece, a Cohdopian Embassy employee, was the victim in that case as she was killed just before she testified in court about the embassy's involvement in the smuggling ring. The defendant, Manny Coachen, the secretariat of the embassy, was cleared of the murder charge, though one vital piece of evidence was stolen beforehand. Detective Tyrell Badd, the man who was assigned to protect Cece at the time of her death, was leading that case. There are a few similarities there to the Rell case, enough that it is being dubbed the "second" KG-8 Incident. Before his death, Rill was being tried for murdering Deid Mann, also a staff member of the Cohdopian Embassy who was about to testify against them.

    Calisto Yew
    Calisto Yew

    When Edgeworth interrogates Gumshoe later in the courtroom, a ten year-old Kay Faraday interrupts, very protective of Gumshoe, whom she affectionately calls "Gummy." When it hits home that her father is really dead, she cries on Edgeworth's cravat, leading to the prosecutor lending it to her. Faraday befriended Gumshoe in the hallway before the double murder took place, splitting the cost of a pack of two Swiss rolls from a nearby vending machine and sitting on a bench that Gumshoe later stained with chocolate. Despite this new information, Calisto Yew maintains that Gumshoe is still the only possible person who could be guilty, as Gumshoe testified no one entered or exited the lobby while he was on guard duty and as Faraday was not in the hallway when the gunshot was heard.

    Edgeworth is soon handed over the evidence Bryne Faraday had in his bag for the Rell trial, but realizes the surveillance video tape showing Rell shooting Mann is missing. The tape is inside a video player in Defendant Lobby No. 2, the scene of the crime. Detective Badd, who was next-door in Defendant Lobby No. 1 at the time of the gunshot with Yew, reveals that all lobbies are soundproof. Edgeworth then notices that both lobbies' windows are open, and deduces that the actual murders happened behind soundproof walls and windows, but the tape--which had thirty minutes of silence before the sound of the gunshot--was used to create a false time of death after the windows had been opened. This provided the perfect opportunity for the killer to find an alibi.

    The killer turns out to be Calisto Yew, as she was the only one who knew that Yatagarasu's key in Faraday's evidence bag could transform into a knife--the same one that killed Faraday. This leads to Edgeworth's accusation that Yew is also the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Yew confesses to both the murders and being the Yatagarasu, and claims to have killed Faraday because he found out about her identity and Rell because he was a witness at the crime scene. She admits to being part of the smuggling ring and ordering the hit on Mann before pulling a concealed gun out and making her escape, taking the key with her. Back in the present day, Kay Faraday has proof that her deceased father, Bryne, was actually the Yatagarasu and not Yew. She pulls a newspaper out, showing Edgeworth and Gumshoe that someone pretending to be the Great Thief is targetting the embassy. Suspecting it to be Yew, she requests the men's help in apprehending the killer of her father.

    Case 5: Turnabout Ablaze

    Larry Butz
    Larry Butz

    One day after the events of Turnabout Visitor, Kay Faraday visits Edgeworth's office to inform him that the fake Yatagarasu is planning to appear at the former Embassy of Codophia. The country of Codophia, after civil unrest, was split into two, forming Allebahst and Babahl. Occupying the same building, both embassies share a dislike of each other, but together, they hold a joint event in hope of working out their differences. However, a fire set in the Babahlese Embassy disrupts the night before two murders are discovered: Manny Coachen in his office in the Babahlese Embassy and Mask DeMasque II--a phony "successor" of famed thief Mask DeMasque--in the ambassador's office of the Allebahstian Embassy. Edgeworth proves Faraday's and Larry Butz's innocence in the respective murder cases.

    Interestingly, the murder weapon in Coachen's case is an Allebahstian knife, while the Babahlese Embassy's Primidux statue ended Mask DeMasque II's life. Furthermore, Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma find evidence in Coachen's safe that he was a major part of the smuggling ring, discovering documents that imply counterfeit money was produced by him. Coachen's killer seems to be the fake Yatagarasu, who burnt the counterfeit money to destroy evidence that could lead to the smuggling ring. This Yatagarasu is Shih-na, who seven years ago went by the name of Calisto Yew. Involved in the ring, she received orders from the boss to eliminate Bryne Faraday during the Rell case. Another revelation is that the Yatagarasu was not one person, but three--Yew, Faraday, and Detective Badd--who, spurred on by the failure to convict Coachen of Cece Yew's murder ten years ago, took advantage of their professions to work outside of the law with the intention of bringing down the smuggling ring.

    However, 'Calisto Yew' was also a fake identity; Cece had no sister. Among the Yatagarasu trio seven years ago and among Interpol in the present day, Shih-na has always been an inside mole working for the smuggling ring, but despite confessing to this, she denies actually killing Coachen. Before a satisfied Detective Badd turns himself in, he returns the missing pages of the file he stole from Edgeworth's office as the armed intruder in Turnabout Visitor. Among the pages is a hidden 'trump card,' a black card with the mark of a three-legged raven that was on Coachen when he was arrested ten years ago. Badd corrects Edgeworth saying it is not the Yatagarasu's calling card but a directives card handed by the boss of the smuggling ring to relay orders. Jacques Portsman was in Edgeworth's office because he was involved in the ring too, tasked with retrieving condemning evidence.

    Franziska von Karma
    Franziska von Karma

    With Shih-na in custody, Lang uses von Karma as bait to get the reluctant permission of Quercus Alba, the Allebahstian ambassador, to investigate his office once more. There, Edgeworth figures out that it was Alba who collaborated with Yew to swap the two embassies' Primidux statues (Babahl's was a hollow fake but had counterfeit plates inside). However, DeMasque II entered the office, and Alba, holding the Babahlese statue at the time, used it to bludgeon him to death. Edgeworth also accuses Alba of being the head of the ring. Alba reveals his true colors--instead of being a fragile old man, he is an over-confident proud man--and shrugs off the accusations, claiming that he knows nothing about the smuggling and stating that he has extraterritorial rights as an ambassador. DeMasque II's murder happened on Allebahstian soil, and thus, he cannot be tried in the US courts.

    As Lang is successfully conversing with Allebahst to nullify Alba's extraterritory rights by relieving him of his ambassador duties, Edgeworth realizes not only did Alba kill DeMasque II, but also that he is the real killer of Coachen. Coachen wanted control of the smuggling ring and hired DeMasque II to steal the real Primidux statue from the Allebahstian Embassy so that Ambassador Colias Palaeno of Babahl would be instated as the ambassador of Cohdopia when the two countries reunited instead of Alba. With the Allebahstian knife, Alba killed Coachen in Theatrum Neutralis--the only neutral room in the embassy building belonging to the US--and transported his body from Allebahst to Babahl with Shih-na's help through the pool that connects both sides of the embassies using a pushcart. Shih-na then dumped Coachen's body in his office.

    Agent Shi-Long Lang
    Agent Shi-Long Lang

    Edgeworth then finally presents the case-deciding pieces of evidence: a speck of blood belonging to Alba and the Yatagarasu key found on Coachen's body. Coachen tried to fight back and used the key, transformed into a knife, to stab Alba. The wound was non-fatal, but matches the knife of the Yatagarasu key. Alba wiped the key's blade clean and turned it back into its original form, leaving it in the victim's pocket in a deliberate attempt to mislead the investigators to assume that Coachen was the boss of the smuggling ring, given the contents of the safe that the key opened in his office.

    Two days later, Alba is being tried for the murder of Coachen in the district court room with Edgeworth as the prosecutor. It is mentioned that he will also be tried the following week in the newly reunited country of Cohdopia for his involvement in the smuggling ring and DeMasque II's murder. In addition, Ernest Amano is set to face the court; he used his company, the Amano Group, as a cover for some of the ring's illegal activities.


    Palaerno is instated as the ambassador of Cohdopia, and Alba is successfully convicted of Coachen's murder in court. During the trial, Alba reveals enough information about the ring's operations that the authorities can begin cleaning up what's left of it.

    After his trial, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, and Faraday share one more scene in which Faraday takes a commemorative photo of the three of time, despite Edgeworth's reluctance.

    Premium Edition

    The Premium Edition for the game is only available in Japan, and contains:

    The Collector's Edition
    The Collector's Edition
    • Gyakuten Kenji: The game itself.
    • An Orchestrated Mini-Album: Music from the game re-done by the Tokyo Symphonic Orchestra; five tracks in total.
    • A Video Collection DVD: Contains unique footage from the Special Court Hearing Event, the Tokyo Games Show, and more.
    • A Concert Pamphlet: Contains manga by the art director.
    • Character Portrait Cards
    • A Special Card Case: Has slots to hold six DS game cartridges.

    If the Premium Edition was pre-ordered from the official website, a themed teacup and saucer was also included.


    The soundtrack for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth was released in Japan as "Gyakuten Kenji OST." This two-disc compilation was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare and Yasuko Yamada at the Aobadai Studio. It was released in Japan on June 24th, 2009.

    Track Listings

    Disc OneDisc Two
    1. Gyakuten Kenji - Prologue
    2. Investigation ~ Opening 2009
    3. Investigation ~ Middlegame 2009
    4. Investigation ~ Contradiction at the Crime Scene
    5. Logic ~ The Way to the Truth
    6. Investigation ~ Core 2009
    7. Confrontation ~ Moderato 2009
    8. Tricks and Gimmicks
    9. Reiji Mitsurugi ~ Objection! 2009
    10. Confrontation ~ Allegro 2009
    11. Confess the Truth 2009
    12. Tricks and Baroque
    13. Confrontation ~ Presto 2009
    14. Pursuit ~ Lying Coldly
    15. Jingle ~ A Break to Sheathe the Blade
    16. Mikumo Ichijo ~ The Great Truth Burglar
    17. Shiryu Ro ~ Speak up, Pup!
    18. Yatagarasu ~ The Gentleman Thief Who Dances in the Black Night
    19. "Turnabout Airlines"
    20. Zinc White ~ Time is Money
    21. Wakana Shiraoto ~ Good Niiight
    22. Doubted People

    Total Time: 58:33
    1. "Swept-Away Turnabout" ~ Overture to Kidnapping
    2. Taiho-kun March ~ Bando Land Theme
    3. "Swept-Away Turnabout" ~ Tragedy in the Horror House
    4. Noisy People
    5. Interesting People
    6. Reminiscence ~ False Relations
    7. Reproducing the Scene ~ The Gentleman Thief's Secret Weapon
    8. Court ~ Guardians of the Law
    9. "Departed Turnabout"
    10. Ittetsu Bado ~ The Truth isn't Sweet
    11. Himiko Kazura ~ Let Me Laugh at the Cool
    12. Reminiscence ~ KG-8 Incident
    13. Crises of Fate
    14. Keisuke Itonokogiri ~ I can do it when it counts, pal!
    15. "Turnabout Up In Flames"
    16. Two Embassies ~ The Lands of the Butterfly and the Flower
    17. Reminiscence ~ Torn Apart Countries
    18. Carnage Onred ~ The Enemy Who Surpasses the Law
    19. Solution! ~ Splendid Deduction
    20. Reiji Mitsurugi ~ Great Revival 2009
    21. Prosecutor's Murmur ~ Promise to Meet Again

    Total Time: 56:00

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