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    Ace Combat: Joint Assault

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 31, 2010

    Ace Combat returns to the PSP, this time with a real world setting and online cooperative play.

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    Developed by the renowned Project Aces Development Team at Namco Bandai in Japan, Ace Combat: Joint Assault for the PSP is the follow-up for Ace Combat X in 2006. The close-quarter combat and visuals are completely re-designed for a new fun experience for any flight action game fan. In Japan, the game is titled Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault.


    Ace Combat: Joint Assault takes place years after a global financial crisis. A terrorist group known as Valahia attacks Japan with an army full of tanks, fighter jets, and airborne superfortresses equalized with electromagnetic cannons that can wipe out entire cities. After their initial attack on Tokyo, they begin wreaking havoc on other famous places around the world ( Egypt, London, San Francisco).

    To counter this dastardly organization, countries from around the world accept the help of Martinez Security, a PMC. You're their latest recruit and take to the skies to fight terror.


    Ace Combat: Joint Assault is set in the skies over familiar real-world locations such as Tokyo, London, San Francisco and many more. The game features Single and CO-OP, Campaign and Multiplayer VS Battle Wireless online Multiplayer. Up to 4 players Can take on all the missions in the Campaign mode. The New Joint Assault Mission System enables players to work on different maps simultaneously that makes an affect on other tactical situations. The New Enhanced Combat view was created for this game to see Enemies moment clearly.

    A series first, 3 new 'standard' missiles types are introduced allowing players to choose from 4 millsile types in addition to their special weapon. In addition, players are for the first time granted the option of equipping only special weapons, or forgoe special weapons altogether and equip two sets of missiles.

    Players must pay to repair their aircraft and any missiles expended in between missions. Because of these maintenance costs as well as significantly higher prices on the aircraft, Joint Assault makes it difficult to obtain all 44 planes. Fortunately, players can sell planes and even weapons to gain back the full amount of credits it took to buy them in the first place, meaning that players are not penalized for selling an aircraft and simply buying it back later.


    Ace Combat Joint Assault has 44 aircraft, most of them real-world aircraft. Players can buy them via the Hangar. Unlike previous Ace Combat games where planes are listed in the order you unlock them, aircraft in Joint Assault are organized by real life country of origin and manufacturer. Each aircraft can has six paint schemes to unlock. Joint Assault is the first game in the Ace Combat series to feature WWII fighters as well as the ability to fly a civilian plane -- the Beoing 747 passenger jet. The tuning system from Ace Combat X returns but now every aircraft except the Beoing 747 can be turned.

    Real-world Aircraft:

    Fictional aircraft:

    Ace Combat Joint Assault features most of the super-powered fictional aircraft from the entire Ace Combat series. It also introduces an all-new fictional aircraft, the GAF-1 Varcolac, which is first encountered in the game's story.

    • XFA-24A Apalis
    • YR-302 Fregata
    • YR-99 Forneus
    • XR-35 Cariburn
    • XFA-27
    • Fenrir
    • ADF-1 FALKEN
    • X-02 Wyvern
    • GAF-1 Varcolac

    WW2 aircraft:

    • A6M Zero
    • F6F Hellcat

    Civilian aircraft:

    • 747-200B

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