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    Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 03, 2009

    Ace Combat roars into the iOS platform with Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion

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    Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion is the first Ace Combat game for iOS devices. (Specifically, the iPhone.) It serves a prequel to Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, covering the first 10 days of the Aurelian-Leasath War. The player assumes control of Falco 1, the second best pilot in the Aurelian Air Force. Despite being an iOS game, it is not on-rails, rather it plays like a full-fledged Ace Combat title wherein the player can fly in any direction and must manage their trajectory by themselves.

    Although the game is iPad compatible, there is no dedicated iPad version. It can only be played as an iPhone app.

    The game is currently only 4.99 US on the app store, but there is no free demo version.

    Similarities to Ace Combat X

    The game is essentially recycled assets from Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception and in a way a very stripped down version of that game. Although Xi is technically a new game, players who've played Ace Combat X might feel like they're playing remixed and more simplistic versions of missions they've already played.

    Drawbacks compared to Ace Combat X:

    • No yawing. (except for analog control scheme)
    • No SP weapons.
    • No upgrade parts.
    • Smaller aircraft selection and most of them are only available as paid DLC.
    • Only 8 missions and no branching path system.
    • Most of the missions are more simplistic than their Ace Combat X counterparts.
    • Virtually no story, rendering the fact that it is a prequel largely pointless.

    Improvements (or additions) over Ace Combat X:

    • Added option of motion (tilt) control for flight control.
    • Sharper resolution and more vibrant colors.
    • Mission 7 is at mostly new, not to mention brutally challenging.


    There are four control options offered.

    It tilt sensor is used, the player is able to calibrate the tilt sensor, but only one thing can be calibrated, this being the default position of the device, so that you may hold the device in a way that you find the most comfortable. The player cannot adjust the sensitivity of tilt, or adjust dead zone.

    In addition to the four control settings, players also have the option to invert up/down.

    The four control settings are:


    Motion controls, with realistic flight control. Tilting left/right rolls the craft, tilting up/down turns up and down. Buttons are displayed all across the touchscreen.


    Motion controls, but with arcade style flight control. Tilting left/right turns the aircraft, rather than rolls it. Buttons are displayed across the touchscreen, same as in Normal. Oddly, picking this setting seems to result in your aircraft turning upside a lot. Also odd is the fact that this control setting is the only way to use novice-style flight control in this game, meaning that you're forced to use motion controls in order to use Novice controls.


    Pilot with a touchscreen directional pad rather than motion controls. Novice style flight control cannot be used with Dpad control. If this setting is used, the buttons are rearranged toward the right side of the screen.


    Ace Combat Xi shown with analog style control
    Ace Combat Xi shown with analog style control

    Pilot with touchscreen analog control stick. If this setting is used, buttons are rearranged in a manner identical to the Dpad controls. Oddly, if you move the control stick slightly left or right, rather than your aircraft rolling in that direction slowly, (which is what ought to happen) the aircraft instead yaws (i.e. sidesteps) in that direction, and doesn't roll at all.


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