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    ACE Team

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    An independent game development studio located in Santiago, Chile

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    ACE Team was founded by three brothers: Andrés Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu and Edmundo Bordeu, and the name of the studio is based on the initials of each of their first names.

    It was originally a mod development group. They released two mods for Doom 2: Batman DOOM in 1999 and Zanzan slightly afterwards. They also released a Quake 3 mod called The Dark Conjunction in 2002.

    In 2002, ACE Team became a legal entity. They worked on a demo for Zeno Clash's predecessor called Zenozoik based on Lithtech. On 21st of April, 2009, the studio released Zeno Clash. An updated version, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition, was released on Xbox Live on the 5th of May, 2010.

    They released Rock of Ages on Xbox Live on August 31, 2011 and on the PC via Steam on September 7th.

    On Apr 30, 2013 they released Zeno Clash 2 for Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.

    Key Members

    • Andrés BordeuGame Designer / Artist
    • Carlos BordeuGame Designer / Artist
    • Edmundo Bordeu – Art Director / Writer
    • David Caloguerea – Lead Programmer
    • Gabriel GarciaLead Animator
    • Juan Briones – Level Designer
    • Luis Santander - Game Artist
    • Carlos Acosta – Programmer



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