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    Aces of the Galaxy

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 04, 2008

    Aces of the Galaxy is a 3D sci-fi shooter featuring both local and online coop play. With tons of enemies onscreen and 25 different levels, the action is nonstop.

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    Aces feels like a good ol' nostalgic space shooter. It's frenetic 3D on-rails shooting action is reminiscent of games like Star Fox (SNES). The story in Aces doesn't really matter, this is a game where you blow things up first and ask questions later. But the plot basically is an intergalactic war between humans and Skurgian aliens: you have stolen their prototype Omega fighter and are trying to rendezvous with the human fleet all the while being attacked by the nasty Skurgians.

    There are three weapons on the Omega fighter; chain-guns, cluster missiles and torpedoes. Each one is useful for different enemies and situations and they are equally balanced. The Omega fighter also has a unique ability called the "temporal shift". This slows down time and is helpful when navigating asteroid fields, taking down groups of tough enemies easily and in other sticky situations. it doesn't feel like a gimmicky mechanic though, it isn't forced upon the player and the usage of it isn't required throughout any of the games 25 levels. In addition to the "temporal shift" there are power-ups scattered about as well. You can power-up only one weapon at a time, but you can power-up a weapon twice. Double power-uped chain-guns are amazing.

    Aces has full 3D visuals and they are quite impressive. Some neat lighting and particle effects give that extra polish. The games frame-rate holds up nicely as well. The music is mainly electronic techno, but it fits the space theme well. The main menu track is especially nice. Sound effects are nice are distinct; the loud "clang" will make you flinch when you run into an asteroid and you'll always smile whenever you hear your missiles fire away.

    There is also local and XBL co-op in Aces. Both work well and the game compensates for two players by bumping up enemy counts and making the game a bit tougher.


    Aces of the Galaxy has 12 achievements for 200 points.
    • Prototype Pilot (5G) - Complete Level 2 on any Difficulty.
    • Combat Pilot (10G) - Finish Solo game on Normal.
    • Flight Commander (20G) - Finish Solo game on Hard.
    • Squadron Leader (10G) - Finish Co-op game on Normal.
    • Ace Wingman (20G) - Finish Co-op game on Hard.
    • Earth Defender (10G) - Earn 5 Stars on any Level, on any Difficulty.
    • Alien Eradicator (10G) - Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Normal.
    • Hero of Vanguardia-7 (35G) - Earn 5 Stars on all 25 Levels on Hard.
    • Communications Officer (10G) - Complete Level 5 in an Xbox LIVE Co-op match.
    • Scourge of the Skurgians (20G) - Achieve 10,000,000 points.
    • Survivor (20G) - Complete 5 Levels without losing a life.
    • Invincible (30G) - Finish game without losing a life.

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