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Aces Over Europe was a combat flight simulator created by Dynamix and set during WWII. The game allowed players to fly from three nations; Great Britain, United States, and Germany. It featured a wide variety of single and a few twin engine fighters, and fighter-bombers. Missions included; combat air patrol (CAP), bomber escort, bomber interception, interdiction, and dive bombing. Players could fly a single mission or play through the campaign and try to survive the war.

Realism Options

Like the other "Aces" games, Aces over Europe, featured a variety of difficulty options to allow a wide range of play styles.

Wide Variety of Aircraft

Aces Over Europe featured an impressive number of playable aircraft from three nations. The game included variants of ; P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, Spitfire, Typhoon, BF-109, ME-262, and more.

In addition to the playable aircraft there was a number of non-playable aircraft that were primarily two and four engine bombers.


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