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    Achenar is one of the main characters of the Myst saga. First seen trapped within a book, he, along with Sirrus, are the general antagonists throughout the story.

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    Achenar, born in 1777(earth years), is the eldest son of Atrus and Catherine. He grew up with his brother, Sirrus, on Myst island being introduced to the many ages his father had created. Due to the primitive nature of these ages' inhabitants, the brothers sought to reign over them as kings. Fearful of their parent's reaction to what they had done, Sirrus approached Achenar with a plan to trap them. Sirrus tricked Catherine in linking to Riven, while Achenar removed a page from Atrus' linking book, rendering them both incapable of returning to Myst.

    In continuing to plunder his father's ages, Achenar linked to Haven, an age Atrus had since denied his sons access. On arrival, he was quick to realize that it was a trap, and there was no way of linking back. Aside from the native animals, he lived in relative solitude, only making vague communication with the mangaree through replicating their vocal tones.

    Around twenty years later, in a means to safely communicate with their sons, Atrus and Catherine had linking chambers written into the two prison ages. Through this, Achenar met his little sister, Yeesha, whom he never knew existed. Not long after, Sirrus escaped his prison, pursuing Yeesha into Haven, then taking her to Serenia in a plan to switch bodies. Achenar followed Sirrus, and with the help of The Stranger, reversed the switch, sacrificing himself in the process.


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