What happened to the achievement community?

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#1 Posted by Czarpyotr (409 posts) -

I've recently noticed a trend on the site with regards to the achievements sections for games. I used to come to GB to read up on achievements and discuss the tough ones with the community. Lately however, I am finding big empty pages of achievements with no comments. Now I am constantly going to xbox360achievments.com to get details on some of the tough or confusing stuff, and I'm sort of bummed that the GB posts have decreased in volume. Anyone have any insight into this? Is there something I'm missing? Also, just finished Mark of The Assassin and want to say that Dragon Age 2 has the best writing and voice acting of almost any game I have played. Seems like no one is talking about the DLC and the guys talked mess about it on the Bombcast, but I think the combat get's really run as you acquire more skills and the story really takes you through a lot of cool peaks and valleys. Not a complaint or a troll, just curious about my perceived lack of interest on these two things on the site. GLHB

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#2 Posted by Czarpyotr (409 posts) -

Did this on iPad and it removed my paragraphs. Sorry for the block of text...

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#3 Posted by Crash_Happy (813 posts) -

I've never been into them myself so hadn't noticed, seems a real shame to lose this from the site though.

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#4 Posted by WrinklyDinosaur (514 posts) -

Sorry dude, off topic, but what does GLHB mean?

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#5 Posted by CptChiken (2057 posts) -

Its probably due to to when xbox changed the way it stored acheivements which meant they basically broke on the site, and have stayed broken.

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#6 Posted by Phr4nk0 (366 posts) -

I get all my achievement related info from trueachievements.com. Most people here on Giant Bomb are very dismissive at best and aggressive at worst when you say something about achievements, claiming that they've ruined games and all that. Atleast on the threads I've seen so I keep my achievement whoring to myself.

I may start perusing the achievement section a bit more often and post there and see if there are some achievement enthusiasts there. Though I suspect most go to other sites like x360a or TA because they have a whole community of like-minded achievements and better guides than the sentance or so most achievements on GB have.

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#7 Posted by lord_canti (1688 posts) -

im going to guess that every one who is into achevements have enough to where they feel content, to my understanding jeff is there. i used to be into them but have eased off its kinda late in the gen so things like this happen

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#8 Posted by Aishan (1069 posts) -

They're (still) broken for a large portion of people; mine haven't updated now for months, which I think puts people off from commentating. It's easier to feel part of it if you can actually see your progress.

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#9 Posted by wadtomaton (590 posts) -

@GloriousDinosaur: Good Luck Have Batman

As to the OP, maybe once Jeff stopped caring the community stopped? He always seemed to be the most "serious" about it. Personally I've always been of the mind of "If I enjoy the game and want to squeeze everything out of it I can, or the achievement/trophy seems interesting, I'll go for it".

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#10 Posted by bibamatt (1129 posts) -

I used to comment on loads of them. But my achievements have been broken for months and only update if I remove my account and re-add it. It's really squashed my Giant Bomb achievement interest (funnily enough, the thing that bought me to the site in the first place!).

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#11 Posted by wickedsc3 (1044 posts) -

I think because the achievements are broken on the site. I know I don't check them out anymore and I miss that.

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#12 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -

@Czarpyotr: Yeah, sadly since the tracking of my achievements here have been busted for months I took my discussion and such to trueachievements instead. Nothing against GB of course, but combine the busted tracker along with hostile forum users who insult you for enjoying achievements, I rather take that discussion elsewhere.

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#13 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

@demonknightinuyasha: I think it has more to do with the achievement updating completely breaking. I don't know if it's since been fixed, as I have completely stopped caring about achievements, but when nobodies profiles were updating with their new achievements, there really wasn't any way to keep discussing them in the same way.

Trueachievements does seem like the best place for proper discussion of them, if you do want to.

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#14 Posted by TeflonBilly (4741 posts) -

Yeah, I blame the broken achievement tracking as well. Which is a shame, cause I really enjoy the system here on GB

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#15 Posted by HandsomeDead (11853 posts) -

I can't help but feel that when Microsoft stopped giving a shit, so did a lot of people. Gamer score is one of the scant few interesting ideas in modern video games and it's already been ruined.

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#16 Posted by Crash_Happy (813 posts) -

@HandsomeDead: I'll readily admit to having zero interest in gamerscore. Comparing progress in a particular game with someone else though is sometimes interesting.

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#17 Posted by Evilsbane (5594 posts) -

@Czarpyotr: Since they broke here just stopped worrying about them, if it is ever fixed I would get back on it but until then could care less, also Dragon Age 2 *Fart Noise* I have no interest in anything else that game has to offer DA1 was fucking amazing, 2 was a fucking mess.

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#18 Posted by Czarpyotr (409 posts) -

@GloriousDinosaur: Good Luck, Have Batman

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#19 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Any particular cheevos you'd like to talk about? I saw the black eye. Has Dark Souls been hitting you again?

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#20 Posted by jakob187 (22940 posts) -

@TeflonBilly said:

Yeah, I blame the broken achievement tracking as well. Which is a shame, cause I really enjoy the system here on GB

It's one of the things that definitely made me stop focusing AS hard, but I'm still an achievement whore. I'm not a MASSIVE achievement whore, but I still have my goal of hitting 100,000G. However, if the achievement system on GB got a necessary overhaul (which thanks to PSN Trophies being introduced again, that might happen), I would totally get knee deep in achievement whoring shit all over again.

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#21 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

The Synching has been broken a wile. So its kinda hard to know what people have and what they need.

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#22 Posted by bobafettjm (2199 posts) -

I still love me some achievements. Since I hit 100k points I haven't tried as hard as I used to, but I still work for them whenever I can.

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#23 Posted by Andorski (5482 posts) -

I never used GB to talk about achievement hunting. I just go to xbox360achievements.org for guides and things of that nature while I post in Gamefaqs to ask questions.

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