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Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution is a turn-based strategy game by High Tale Studios and second in the franchise after the studio's Ouya title, Acorn Assault. The game is loosely based off of the French Revolution but told by squirrels. The hero, Charles DeMontesquirrel, heads up a revolution after dealing with unjust nut taxes. The game releases with five chapters each with unique powerups.


The title's core gameplay is rooted in the style of the previous game, Acorn Assault, but the new title refines that gameplay and brings new elements to the table.

  • Destroy the opponent's base before they destroy yours while keeping your squirrel army alive.
  • Each turn you are awarded a max of five units to place on your side of the game board.
  • Placing three or more like pieces in adjacent tiles causes them to merge together to form a stronger unit.
  • Merging units awards you acorns. The more units merged, the more acorns are earned.
  • Acorns can be used to enhance a squirrel's attack power temporarily.
  • The acorns may also be spent to improve the effectiveness of defensive units.
  • You may heal your base by spending acorns.
  • Beating a chapter will unlock that chapter's boss for use in multiplayer.
  • Playing as a chapter boss in online or local multiplayer will allow you to use their unique powerups.


The plot of Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution follows Charles DeMontesquirrel as he leads a revolution for the people of his rodent world. King Louis the Umpteenth has taxed the lower class squirrels to the point that they haven't any acorns to eat. Charles is confronted by the king's tax collector because he refuses to pay the high taxes. Instead, Charles raises an army and fights the tax collector to bring justice to the land. As he progresses through the story he will come across a cast of unique characters that he must battle in order to overthrow the furry, yet unjust, king.


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