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This game, from Hasbro Interactive and Intelligent Games and based on the Fox Kids TV show, contains gameplay which consists of several different minigames, such as a "helicopter-style" swimming game where the player must avoid mines and other obstacles, as well as other timing-based games, such as knocking helmets off the heads of brainwashed penguins. Right-clicking in the PC version will bring up helpful hints and advice.

Throughout the game the player also has access to a break room, where they can save their game, punch a punching bag and pick up new missions. While here, the player can also access the Trophy Room, where they can cash in points they've earned for printable prizes, such as dress-up Action Man figures and other documents, as well as print and save any screenshots they might have taken with the in-game photo feature.


Action "Figure" Man

Having stolen Action Man's dog, Raid, Dr. X, along with Professor Gangrene, Plague Locust and a robot version of Dr. X, plans to brainwash the animals of the world to do his bidding. It is up to Action Man to stop him and save his faithful pet.

The story starts at Action Man's training and goes on to span several islands inhabited by Action Man's enemies, with settings such as deserts, mountains and arctic terrain, until finally confronting Dr. X on the eponymous island. This battle features an Arkanoid/ Breakout-inspired minigame in which Dr. X fires plasma balls through his shield which Action Man must then reflect back at him.

System Requirements

Pentium 133MHz or higher
50MB free hard drive space
4X CD-ROM drive
2MB Windows 95/98 compatible SVGA video card
Windows 95/98 compatible sound card
DirectX version 6.1 or higher (included)

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