Activision Axes Franchises, Reveals Studios In Earnings Call

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#51 Posted by dancingpolkabear (232 posts) -

Yeah, the X-Men game they are talking about is the Silicon Knights one

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#52 Posted by FuzzYLemoN (1609 posts) -

Activision is completely ignorant to what killed Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, and soon CoD will suffer the same fate. Idiots...

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#53 Posted by MolluskLingers (117 posts) -

hopefully harmonix is on the chopping block next and we can get rid of these shit music games for good

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#54 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Thank god that True Crime was canceled, so they could focus on making Family Guy.  Such excellent logic.

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#55 Posted by FordFairlane (112 posts) -

So, is Activision going to come out with it's own "OnLive" style CoD player, or do they just think that MS & Sony are going to process all of those new monthly transactions on XBL & PSN for free?

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#56 Posted by fox01313 (5206 posts) -

I'm at least glad to see that they are axing some franchises over studios/people working there. Agreed with others, between MW1 & 2 as well as Black Ops, if they do anything wierd with the multiplayer/subscription/etc for that franchise I'm more than happy with playing those 3 as they are all solid enough games that are fun to play.

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#57 Posted by El_Derrico (207 posts) -

So basically Activision is now the Call of Duty Company. 

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#58 Posted by Scribbly (424 posts) -

It's quite possible that Activision will just make so many Call of Duty games that absolutely everyone will dislike it, but it's good to see they haven't bothered with another Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk game. Also, separate CoD subscription, the idea makes me rage unless they release all map packs for free.

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#59 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@Smiley26 said:
" It's quite possible that Activision will just make so many Call of Duty games that absolutely everyone will dislike it, but it's good to see they haven't bothered with another Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk game. Also, separate CoD subscription, the idea makes me rage unless they release all map packs for free. "
You know they won't.
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#60 Posted by MaddProdigy (1074 posts) -

And now what looked like Koticks genius turns out to be just stupidity, milking the cash cows of multiple franchises into the ground. The same will happen with COD, and Blizzard will be the only one left standing haha

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#61 Posted by NewfieBullet (126 posts) -

Call of Duty:  Who gives a shit anymore.

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#62 Posted by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -

Blops is a massive technical failure on the PS3 and PC, many can't even load the game, but what gives with those sales numbers. Never touching a Treyarch game with my money for the rest of my life until there's a full staff reboot with them, but I will buy this year's CoD..
..What's that? BF3? Made by my homies at Digital Illusions? It has anti-cheat? PC focus-platform so the PC won't get an utterly fecal port with textures that begin to look alright on 720p from 8ft away and no working anti-cheat and worse netcode than 1996's Quake 1? No more Activison for me.

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#63 Posted by coryrx8 (176 posts) -

This is why Activision's board needs to can that idiot Kotick before things get any worse. Guitar Hero had a whole lot of long-term potential had they stuck to annual or preferably bi-annual installments. Instead of a slower burn, releasing a new game every two years, revamped peripherals every four, and supporting the latest iteration with a steady supply of DLC and riding that steady revenue stream into perpetuity, they milked Guitar Hero for everything it was worth, releasing installment after installment each with revamped peripherals and abandoning the majority of the older DLC, and just watched it sink from blockbuster status to losing money in just two short years. Did Kotick learn from this colossal blunder? Nope, he kills the franchise, and turns around and creates ANOTHER Call of Duty studio! So we have Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and now Beachhead... here's a tip, Bobby, two dedicated studios was too many. He's going to sink the entire CoD franchise and the modern shooter genre with it, just like he did with the music genre. I'm calling it now... Black Ops is Call of Duty's Superman III. Treyarch can slip a derivative, bug-ridden dud through once, but they won't get away with it next time.

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#64 Posted by swamplord666 (1816 posts) -

no surprise tbh... i can only speculate on how much longer they can milk COD and hang on to blizzard. Activision has done this to itself tbh.

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#65 Posted by boylie (321 posts) -
@Chris2KLee said:
" Goddamn blood bath. "
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#66 Posted by TadThuggish (990 posts) -

Only about 3 more years till Activision drops from its #1 publisher spot and Kotick cuts and runs.

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#67 Posted by Demoskinos (17326 posts) -
@newfiebullet: Well seeing as it sells gangbusters every time... quite a few people it seems.
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#68 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -

I can't believe this is the company Blizzard decided to join with, I guess it's all a matter of marketing and money.

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#69 Posted by sickVisionz (1307 posts) -

I think the lesson learned from Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero was not to put out an insane amount of them each year and not to have one studio making one a year.  They've got 3 real deal studios making COD games and they have yet to do more than one a year.  Three years is a long time to make and polish a title.  I know it's cool to hate Acti but giving talented devs 3 years to make a game doesn't really sound as terrible and horrific as people make it out to be.

" He's going to sink the entire CoD franchise and the modern shooter genre with it, just like he did with the music genre. "
I think you're confusing Activision with EA, who is putting out like 20 FPS games in the first half of the year alone.
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#70 Posted by Aaron_G (1681 posts) -

Activision kills franchises. 

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#71 Posted by Cyborgmatt (101 posts) -
@Bucketdeth: Blizzard are just as greedy as Activision, they go hand in hand tbh.
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#72 Posted by mordukai (8482 posts) -

Jees. Wouldn't this be the forth studio connected with CoD. 

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#73 Posted by Chaoskiller2000 (332 posts) -

Well thats what happens when you put out too much of one game. Next will be Call of Duty if they keep doing what they are doing. Maybe they should also learn not to make all other games by them DOA it was a crime what happened to Singularity.

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#74 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -
@newfiebullet said:
" Call of Duty:  Who gives a shit anymore. "
Jeff Gerstmann does.
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#75 Posted by kratier (234 posts) -

this right here marks the death of activision, cue the "here we go" joker image

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#76 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

I think Activision fails to realize that the people who play Call of Duty are predominantly teenage dudes in college and high school. I.E. the people whose parents won't let them get a subscription to anything.

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#77 Posted by Jackel2072 (2510 posts) -

well thats a shocker

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#78 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

They made all of the right moves except of the direction they are going with call of duty

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#79 Posted by WrathOfBanja (370 posts) -

Lets look at the bright side here. Now we only have to wait 6 months in between CoD games!!!!!

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#80 Posted by Dark_Pinoy (40 posts) -

How about they give CoD and Spider-man a break and focus on True Crime. Anyone agree?

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#81 Posted by PlasmaMachine (260 posts) -

Wait, there is gonna be a second Family Guy game? Didn't the first one become a disappointment that featured a bunch of mediocre gameplay elements that culminated with some half-ass jokes from the series? They're betting on this than they are a new True Crime (that's almost done) Okay, whatever.

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#82 Posted by AuthenticM (4301 posts) -

The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time. 

Does this mean what I think it means?
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#83 Posted by Enigma777 (6285 posts) -

Shame about True Crime. I was actually looking forward to it. :(

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#84 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -
What did they win exactly? Layoffs and hard times?
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#85 Posted by stevieq (256 posts) -

Finally, jeez. Yet they don't seem to learn their lesson. I imagine the same news will hit CoD in several years.

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#86 Posted by kollay (2101 posts) -

Devs will be eating canned Vienna sausages, while Kotick devours a whole boneless honey ham.

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#87 Posted by Donos (1237 posts) -

Good, now Activision just has to put out a bunch of high-quality new IPs and suffer a massive financial beating, and EA can retake its evil empire pants.
Also: " and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time." Oh good, now I can use the ethernet cable that's been sticking out of my xbox for the last 4 years.

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#88 Posted by DeadMonkeys (846 posts) -

Holy shit guys... Activision's promising ONLINE CONSOLE PLAY.

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#89 Posted by FormulaDeuce (266 posts) -

 We could joke all day about how many golden egg laying geese Activision has strangled to death, but the fact of the matter is: this is what the games industry is like at the top level these days. Your either hitting them out of the park, or your getting cut from the team. The biggest publisher needs to make the biggest games that make the biggest profits. By the time the general public looses interest in the CoD franchise, Activision will have Bungie's game in the wake. It may seem like they're just a CoD and movie game publisher for now; but in the next few months, I can almost guaranty you we'll here news of them picking up a rising developer and/or IP and the cycle can begin anew.

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#90 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -
@AuthenticM said:

The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time. 

Does this mean what I think it means? "
Cross platform online play?
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#91 Edited by megalowho (1128 posts) -

I did not think it was possible, but it seems like Activision's portfolio is becoming even more bland and unexciting than ever before. No one will fault them for giving Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk a rest, but the fact that those two franchises are in the gutter to begin with is the direct result of poor decisions by management over the years.
It's a real shame to see such a huge company with so much developer talent on its payroll commit so fully to eliminating risk taking and creative decision making across the board.

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#92 Posted by Vorbis (2762 posts) -

Franchises taking a break in 2015: Call of Duty, because they'll have ran it into the ground.

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#93 Posted by This_Dude (305 posts) -

that statement from bobby kotick is a nightmare.  wtf does any of that even mean?!?!  hahaha

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#94 Edited by Hef (1236 posts) -

"The platform has been in development for over a year and we're very excited about the increased value we can bring to the community "
You know Bobby, just because it's not getting pumped out every year doesn't mean it's going to be anything amazing.

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#95 Posted by fuzzy510 (239 posts) -

I honestly am kinda shocked that Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero are being put to the side, but only because I thought Activision was more stubborn than they actually appear to be.

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#96 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3553 posts) -

I can't wait till CoD flops and all this support makes them go bankrupted.

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#97 Posted by SonicFire (875 posts) -

If COD does try to wring out any subscription of any kinds, count me out. Seriously, that would be like punching a hole in the hull of their last funtional ship. Jeez.
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#98 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6563 posts) -

For the record, Patcher called that Call of Duty thing like 2 years ago. Well, i guess we're not 100% what Activision is planning, but it sounds close enough to what he predicted.
I can't wait to hear all the upcoming podcasts in the next 2 weeks. This should make for some extremely interesting discussion.

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#99 Posted by Praab_NZ (281 posts) -

Oh god. They wreck several franchises and even genres, then they are just like whoops and disband them. Would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.
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#100 Posted by JJWeatherman (14929 posts) -

Thank god Tony Hawk is taking a break too. Activision may be getting smarter after all!

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