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    Ad Avis

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Ad Avis is one of the main antagonists of the Quest for Glory franchise. He first appears in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

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    Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

    Ad Avis first appears in the game Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, where he has overthrown the Emir Arus al-Din of Raseir, and rules the city with an iron fist. Ad Avis seeks to resurrect the great evil genie Iblis and hypnotizes the Hero into helping him. Ad Avis is characterized as a powerful wizard with the ability to hypnotize people and to transform them, but is also a servant of someone he calls the "Dark Master".

    In the final confrontation of the game, Ad Avis falls to his apparent death.

    Quest for Glory IV: The Shadows of Darkness

    At the end of Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, the Hero is magically summoned from Tarna by Ad Avis and his Dark Master, Katrina, to the land of Mordavia. Katrina plans to use the Hero to awaken the Dark One, Avoozl, but Ad Avis thinks that the Hero is too dangerous to use as a pawn. During the game it becomes quite clear that Ad Avis is an unwilling servant to Katrina, and among other things tries to trick the Hero into killing her. He is unable to attack her himself due to the magical bond between them, a bond that does not stop him from manipulating others into attacking her, and which breaks if she attacks him.

    In the final confrontation, Ad Avis attacks the Hero, knowing that Katrina has fallen in love with him, which makes Katrina retaliate. Freed from the magical bond, Ad Avis can attack Katrina straight on, leading to a battle that ultimately ends with Katrina sacrificing herself to save the Hero. The Hero manages to incapacitate Ad Avis by telling The Ultimate Joke, leaving him open for an attack that destroys him.


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