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    Ada Wong

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    Ada Wong is the mysterious long-legged femme-fatale of the Resident Evil franchise. She is generally portrayed as cold and calculating but tends to soften when her mission comes into conflict with Leon S. Kennedy.

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    Ada Wong is a mysterious femme-fatale, who's motives are unknown when she is first name-dropped in Resident Evil, in one of the many documents found in the game. She is mentioned in a letter from a dying researcher to her. Ada Wong makes her first proper appearance in the special edition version of Resident Evil 2, where she supports one of the main player characters, Leon S Kennedy. Her actions throughout the Resident Evil 2 storyline are concluded in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. She later appears in Resident Evil 4, again alongside Leon, during the Los Illuminados Incident.

    In the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of Resident Evil 4, Ada Wong is a playable character in her own spin-off campaign, called Separate Ways, as well as a playable character in the Mercenaries minigame available in all versions of the game. In the most recent installment, Resident Evil 6, Ada Wong once again is a playable character in her solo campaign which is unlocked once the player completes the game.

    Ada is voiced by Sally Cahill up until Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, where she was replaced by Courtenay Taylor. Taylor then also continued the role into Resident Evil 6.


    Ada Wong is first mentioned when a researcher at the Spencer Mansion, John, leaves a letter for her telling her of the events that have transpired there and giving her his password (her name) should she arrive to try and find evidence to use against Umbrella. What John didn't know was that Ada was a spy for a rival corporation using him to gain access to Umbrella's secrets. John died first due to being infected by the T-Virus, and then from a gunshot wound to the head.

    Resident Evil 2

    Ada arrives in Raccoon City under the pretense of looking for John. In reality she is there to steal any info on the G-Virus. She is present when the T-Virus outbreak occurs and manages to make it to the Raccoon City Police Station before it is barricaded. She is very adapt at defending herself and she takes a shot at rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy. Leon is immediately smitten with the striking Asian-American woman but Ada generally just ignores him and his obvious advances. Ada is initially searching for Ben Bertolucci who she believes has information on John. Ben has locked himself inside a jail cell and refuses to talk or leave the jail cell. Ada leaves looking for a way to gain access to the sewers so that she can get to the underground lab.

    While she is in the sewers she encounters Annette Birkin. Annette is weary of anyone in the sewers and tries to kill her. Leon saves Ada's life (taking a bullet for her). Ada bandages Leon's wounds and begins to warm up to the young officer (despite herself). She then leaves Leon to go after Annette. When Annette learns of Ada's identity she realizes that she was John's girlfriend and that she is also a spy for a rival corporation. She informs Ada of John's fate and tells her how the outbreak occurred. When Annette sees Sherry's locket she realizes the secret the woman possesses and the two women struggle and Ada is victorious (Annette falling over the rail into the sewer).

    Ada is rescued by Leon from a mutated Alligator that has taken residence in the sewer. The duo then fight their way to the underground facility where Ada is wounded by William Birkin. She convinces Leon to leave her after which she leaves the safety of the office to try and find a G-Virus Sample (unknown to her, she has the vial located in Sherry's locket).

    Ada finally returns the favor when Leon is fighting Mr. X (a T-103). She gets its attention and then manages to wound the Tyrant but not before sustaining massive internal injuries herself. As she appears to die she and Leon kiss. Leon leaves her but in reality she is not dead, just faking. Somehow Ada manages to locate a rocket launcher and gives it to Leon to defeat the combat mode of the T-103 that had injured her. Leon destroys the beast and Ada departs to go meet her contact.

    Umbrella Chronicles

    The light-gun shooter Umbrella Chronicles expands on Ada's role during Resident Evil 2, and shows how she managed to escape the city.

    A wounded Ada manages to make it to her extraction point and is greeted by a live video of Wesker. Her contact has opted to kill himself and Wesker is prepared to cut his losses when Ada reveals that she has managed to acquire a piece of William Birkin's remains. As the remains contain a sample of the G-Virus her life has some value and Wesker gives Ada the Hookshot (that she retains to this day ala Resident Evil 4)

    Ada fights her way to an overpass and using her hookshot, latches on to the U.M.F.-013 crate that is being extracted from Raccoon City mere moments before it is wiped off the map.

    Shortly afterwards Ada is seen looking at the scar on her side preparing to leave "Ada Wong" behind, however she apparently does not do this.

    Resident Evil: Damnation

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    Ada is covertly hired by US National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons to infiltrate the Eastern Slavic Republic and verify if they are using BOW's. Once she verifies that not only are they using Lickers, the rebels have acquired a Plagas parasite and are using them to control the Lickers.

    Ada presents herself to Svetlana Belikova, the country's president, as a representative of the BSAA to assess the situation. While out at night looking for a way to access "The Hive", she encounters Leon who is in the country investigating potential BOW use. The pair part ways with Ada being as cryptic as always as to her motives for being in the country.

    The following morning Svetlana confronts Ada as to her whereabouts the previous evening. Ada admits to meeting a friend but the president suspects that she was meeting with either a US or Russian spy. The two women engage in a fierce battle that ends only when the rebels begin their assault on the capital. Svetlana seals Ada in and reveals that the President's office is the access elevator to the Hive.

    When Ada regains consciousness, she is bound by her hands and hanging from the ceiling in the Hive. She laughs as the President put her in the one place she wished to be in. Using a knife concealed in the heel of her shoe, Ada frees herself and enters the Hive just as Leon arrives. In the Hive, they find hundreds of genetically enhanced Las Plagas parasites, including the controller parasite.

    Ada abandons Leon as they are surrounded by dozens of Svetlana's Elite Guards. The battle is then joined by Buddy, the rebel leader who is controlling a cadre of Lickers.

    Ada escapes the country but not before an international warrant is issued for her arrest. She contacts Simmons and reveals that she was successful in acquiring the control Plagas as requested. Simmons pays her and even offers to get the warrant canceled.


    Although it is first assumed that Ada Wong is a survivor searching for her relatives (a missing boyfriend in Resident Evil 2), it is eventually revealed that she is a spy working for an unnamed organization, intent on claiming a sample of the legendary G-Virus. Although presumed dead by the end of Resident Evil 2 (after her true motives are revealed), a bonus scenario entitled "At Death's Door" in the on-rails shooter Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles tells of her escape from Raccoon City after obtaining a sample of the G-Virus from William Birkin's dead body.


    Ada is very proficient with knives and firearms, usually using lower caliber but high capacity pistols. In Resident Evil 2 she is armed with a Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol. Due to her skill she does not require higher caliber rounds to dispatch enemies.

    In her Death's Door Scenario for the Umbrella Chronicles, she is armed with a Beretta 93R (the weapon Claire acquires in RE: Code Veronica) and also acquires a grappling hook gun known as the Hookshot to zip up building and other structures.

    In Resident Evil 4 she sports a weapon known as the Blacktail (in reality a Springfield XD) that she holsters on her right thigh. She also has a retractable knife sheathed in the holster.


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