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Jensen post-augmentation
Jensen post-augmentation

Jensen's personality in the game is largely shaped by the player. Even though he has some fixed characteristics, the players' choices decide Jensen's ethical and moral stance towards the use of violence and his social behaviour, as well as his evaluation of himself.

He can generally be described as a lone wolf type and a hesitant leader. He believes that there are always multiple ways to achieve a goal and tends to look for answers by himself, only ever consulting others after his own ideas prove exhausted.

Jensen rarely shows strong emotion and has a general distrust of authority. Even after the separation from Megan Reed he retains a strong affection for her. He also shows a superficial antipathy towards Frank Pritchard.


  • Male. Caucasian.
  • Birth location, unknown.
  • 34 years old.
  • Date of birth: March 9th, 1993.
  • Weight (prior to augmentation): 182 pounds / 82 kg; Height: 6' 3" / 1.92m.
  • Eye Color: Blue-Gray (original) Green-yellow (augmented); Hair Color: Dark Brown.
  • Blood Type: O-Negative.
  • Both parents deceased: 1998.
  • Foster parents located in Detroit area.
  • College education, University of Phoenix and Ferris College.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Sworn officer, DMPD, 2014.
  • S.W.A.T., 2018.
  • Quits DMPD in 2026.
  • Hired by Sarif Industries, 6 months later.


Early Life

Adam Jensen was born on March 9th, 1993. When he was still very young, he was part of a group of children who were used as test subjects. White Helix, a subsdiary of VersaLife, used these children to perform genetic therapy treatments on them.

Jensen was the only child to survive these experiments.

However, the scientists in charge of Adam (who are hinted to be his real parents) grew too attached to him to continue the research, despite the obvious success of the treatment. To stop White Helix and save Adam as well as possible future victims, they burned down the facility. But they were later killed by the Illuminati and their death was covered up.

Jensen was saved by a facility worker and given up for adoption. When he was five years old, he was eventually adopted and spent the rest of his childhood and adolescence unaware of his origins and believed his foster parents to be his birth parents.

What nobody knew was that the gene therapy had permanently altered Adams biochemistry in a way that his body would form a strong bond with PEDOT electrodes instead of rejecting them - meaning if he was ever to be augmented, he wouldn't need Neuropozyne and his DNA would be the key to universal augmentation.

Police Career

Jensen graduated with an Bachelor's Degree of Criminal Justice from Phoenix University, and at the age of 21, joined the Detroit Police Department. Just four years later he was accepted into SWAT and quickly rose through the ranks.

However, his career came to an abrupt end when he declined an order to kill a young augmented boy during the incident known as the Mexicantown Massacre. As a result, he quit the force.

During that time, Jensen was in a relationship with Megan Reed, a neurologist working for Sarif Industries. She discovered Jensen's unique genetics and procured him a job in her company as Chief of Security, presumably to gain further access to his genetic material.

Sarif Industries

non-augmented Jensen
non-augmented Jensen

Before employing Jensen, David Sarif hired an investigator to find out about Adam's past. He eventually discovered Jensen's role in the White Helix experiments, but Sarif decided to keep it a secret as he found those revelations could be harmful to Adam.

And so Jensen became very important to Sarif, not only because of his impressive skills but because of his role as Patient X of Megan Reed's research. If Jensen's unique genetics could be reproduced and implented into other people, augmentation would become as simple as plastic surgery - a breakthrough in augmentation science and the ultimate doom to VersaLife's Neuropozyne market.

Just when Megan Reed's research was completed in 2027 and Sarif Industries announced a valid alternative to Neuropozyne, Bob Page ordered the Tyrants, an augmented Black Ops team, to attack the SI laboratories. The five key researchers, including Megan Reed, were appearantly killed.

Jensen, trying to defend Sarif Industries, was heavily wounded. He was thrown through a wall which destroyed his arms, legs, and back. On the verge of death he was shot in the head by Jaron Namir.


David Sarif took advantage of Jensen's unique genetics and performed augmentations on him which would have been impossible for every other individual.

Jensen having his arms replaced
Jensen having his arms replaced

His arms and legs were replaced, and nanoceramic blades were attached to his arms, as well as the ability to punch through walls and heavy weight lifting.

His torso, while still biological, has a variety of cardiovascular and muscular augmentations like an internal rebreather, a health system, an internal battery and the Typhoon Explosive System.

Jensen's robotic eye
Jensen's robotic eye

His head features many augmentations like various hacking tools, a social enhancer, a cohlear implant, enhanced robotic eyes and implanted sunglasses.

Other notable augmentations include the Icarus Landing System, the Glass-Shield Cloaking System, firing stability and enhanced accuracy.

All of this makes Jensen the most augmented character in the game alongside Jaron Namir.


"I never asked for this."

"I don't even know what side I'm on anymore."

"I'll never stop looking."

"Do I trust Mankind to save itself?"

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something."

"I held on to my humanity, resisting the urge to abuse power or resources in order to meet my goals. And in the end, I got the job done."


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