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    Adam 'Kane' Marcus

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    Adam "Kane" Marcus the protagonist in the infamous Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, and a supporting character in the sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

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    Kane left his life and family behind when his little son found his gun and shot himself accidentally while playing in the house. He abandoned his wife and daughter, and drifted around the world, getting his hands dirty here and there. After some time he hooked up with the group of mercenaries called "The 7" and started moving up the food chain. After a job gone wrong, it is believed that Kane and Retomoto ripped other members of The 7, sold them out and got away with the money.

    Kane got involved with Retomoto's daughter and Retomoto cut Kane's face, cutting his eye in the process. By the time Kane slowed down he was a wanted criminal in many countries, and the police finally arrested him in Los Angeles. On death row he gave some interviews which makes us believe that Kane is not happy with his life. He knows The 7 is after him and wants to die, so his family can find peace. On his way to execution, in a prison van, Lynch approaches Kane, and with the help of The 7's mercenaries, breaks him out. Kane doesn't know what Lynch intends, but has no choice but to follow him through.

    Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    Hitman: Absolution

    Both Kane and Lynch reappear in Hitman: Absolution during the Hope County chapters of the game.


    • Kane is a British citizen, according to the official manual for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.
    • He is voiced by Brian Bloom.

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