Adam Shepherd

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    The patriarch of the shepherd family, Adam is a retired soldier who runs his household as strictly as he ran his platoon back in the service. Casting Alex aside, he focused his limited affection exclusively on Joshua. Adam serves as the town’s sheriff, although his current whereabouts are unknown.

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    Certificate of release or discharge from active duty

    Name: Shepherd, Adam J.

    Rank: Colonel.

    Pay grade: 06.

    Date of birth: 19540418.

    Last duty assignment and major command: XVIITH Airborne Corpse.

    Station where separated: Forth.

    Decorations, Medals, Badges, and campaign ribbons awards:Good conduct award, purple heart, silver star.

    Military education: Basic parachute, air assault military, command and staff college.

    Type of separation: Release from active duty.

    Character of service: Honorable.

    Reason for separation: Retirement.


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