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    Administrator Anoleis

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    Administrator Anoleis is a salarian who runs Port Hanshan on the planet of Noveria.

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    Anoleis represents the executive board which gives him oversight of the local corporations rents and daily business. Commander Shepard is advised by Anoleis' secretary, Gianna Parasini, that the commander will need to go and speak to Anoleis about acquiring a garage pass (which is needed to access Peak 15).
    Shepard has a tough time getting anything out of the salarian, as Anoleis refuses to help Shepard's cause as he would rather protect his investors' interests, despite the fact that Shepard is a Spectre. Anoleis even deflects any questions the commander may have about Matriarch Benezia.
    Upon leaving Anoleis' office, Parasini suggests that Shepard go speak to a turian, Lorik Qu'in. Qu'in is found in the hotel bar of Port Hanshan. During the conversation with Qu'in, it is revealed that Anoleis has just recently acquired direct control over lab rents and has even been taking bribes from local companies. Anoleis is trying to hide his actions by accusing Qu'in of corruption, and has even secretly paid some members of a local security force (Elanus Risk Control) to raid Qu'in's office at Synthetic Insights, which is where the turian has stored his evidence against Anoleis on his computer.
    Shepard is then left with a number of options and means in which to aquire a garage pass. The commander can:    

    • Help Anoleis - Shepard can obtain the evidence against the Administrator and pass it on to him (Anoleis will give Shepard a garage pass).
    • Report Opold - Shepard can also pick up an illegal package for a local Hanar shopkeeper, Opold, and hand the package to Anoleis (Anoleis will give Shepard a garage pass).
    • Help Lorik Qu'in - There are four possible ways to approach this task. Two of which will end with Anoleis getting arrested (Paragon). One will end with both Anoleis and Parasini being found dead (Renegade). The last approach will see Shepard forcing Anoleis to pay credits for Qu'in's evidence against him (Renegade).

    Mass Effect 2

    If a Mass Effect save is imported where Parasini survived, she can be found on Illium working on yet another internal affairs case. If the player helped her arrest Anoleis, she will tell Shepard that he is now serving time in prison. There is currently a bug that can make Parasini show up even if she did not survive the Noveria quest.

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