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    The Admiral is a car found in the GTA series.

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    The Admiral is a 4-Door Full-Size Luxury Sedan that is found in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City/City Stories The car is manufactured by Dundreary (Mercury) in the HD Universe, with a manufacturing date from 1998-2011. It's rebadged variants in the HD Universe are the Albany Washington (1998-2011 Lincoln Town Car [2003-2011 Facelift]) and the Vapid Stanier (1991-1997 Ford Crown Victoria in GTA IV and the 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria in GTA V).

    Design Cues

    The Admiral in the 3D Universe of GTA (Vice City/San Andreas) heavily resembles a First Generation 1976-1986 Mercedes-Benz W123 in terms of the car's front fascia, rear fascia, and the metal line going throughout the left and right of the car along with the front bumper at the front fascia of both the real-life car and the fictional car. The windows and body style also represent the Mercedes-Benz W123, albeit with a boxier design, fitting in with other cars produced during the specific period the real-life car and this car was also produced in. The rear fascia or the tail lights of the car resemble a First Generation 1982-1994 BMW 3 Series (E30), which fits in with the game's year (1980s for Vice City, and 1992 for San Andreas). However, the Dundreary Admiral in Grand Theft Auto IV was massively redesigned.

    The car in GTA IV now resembles a Fourth Generation 2003-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis (Specifically, the LS variant from 2003-2005 due to the fact that the Dundreary Admiral has a hood ornament similar to that of the Grand Marquis LS) and a Third Generation 1999-2004 Toyota Crown Majesta for the front fascia, albeit with an altered front fascia (Headlights, rear part of the front fascia, etc). The side windows of the car or basically the body of the car slightly resemble a combination of both the 2003-2011 Mercury Grand Marquis and the First Generation 1991-1998 Mercedes-Benz W-Series / Mercedes-Benz W140. The taillights and/or the rear fascia of the Admiral resemble/represent a First Generation 1977-1986 BMW 7 Series (E23), which is considered to be slightly anachronistic due to the fact that the car is mostly based on modern designs from its era. Interestingly/confusingly, the Dundreary Admiral is a Long Wheelbase car, making it based on both the Mercury Grand Marquis LS and Mercury Grand Marquis GSL combined.


    3D Universe

    The Admiral in GTA Vice City and San Andreas have a Top Speed of 103 mp/h or Approximately 165 km/h, 5 Gears as it's Transmission (Manual), a Mass of Approximately 3650 lbs / 1650 kg, and Front Wheel Drive as it's Drivetrain. All of these combined make the Admiral an Above Average car when cruising around, escaping from the police, and other situations.

    HD Universe

    The Dundreary Admiral in Grand Theft Auto IV is similar to it's 3D Universe counterpart with many slight changes in its Top Speed, Drivetrain, and Mass. The car now has a Top Speed of 87 mp/h or 140 km/h, 5 Gears Automatic as its Transmission, a Mass of Approximately 1700 kg / 3748 lbs, and it's Drivetrain now being changed from Front Wheel Drive (FWD) to Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). All of these make the Dundreary Admiral the same rank (Above Average) when it comes to steering/turning, acceleration, braking, deformation, escaping the police, etc.


    The Dundreary Admiral was originally cut from the Beta Version of Grand Theft Auto V due to the fact that it's horn sound was located in the games files/game files. However, this car can be brought back with IVPack, albeit with a different horn sound.


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