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    Adol Christin

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    The protagonist of the Ys games. Adol Christin is a master swordsman and is a man of very few words.

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    In the initial release of Ys in Europe, Adol's name was changed to Aron, since Adol was considered far to close to the name Adolf (Hitler). The move was not repeated in the European release of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, where he got to keep his original Japanese name.


    Unlike most other characters who require the player to press a button to make them attack, Adol's signature move in the early Ys games is killing enemies by simply ramming into them head-on like a bulldozer (a move borrowed from the Hydlide games). This killer move was eventually abandoned in later Ys games in favour of a more traditional combat system where you need to press an action button to make him attack. Adol was also one of the first protagonists to have regenerating health.


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