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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 28, 2016

    A space-based, first-person puzzle game revolving around an astronaut trying to repair a heavily damaged space station orbiting the Earth.

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    Adr1ft is an exploration game developed by ThreeOneZero, and focused on the events following a catastrophic event at a space station orbiting the earth. Development was handled by ThreeOneZero. Available in both standard format and Virtual Reality variants, the game takes place in a first-person frame, while the player controls movement in a three dimensional space. Gravity is non-existent and careful manipulation of oxygen is the core gameplay struggle within the experience.


    Players assume the role of Commander Alex Oshima, the only surviving crew member of the HAN-IV space station following a catastrophic event. The player is shown the basics of movement in the zero gravity environment via standard controls such as WASD on PC for the basic forward, back, and side to side movements. Players can also control their position in relative elevation by going up or down, as well as rotating their body either way. Each movement uses Oxygen, the game's only resource at a certain rate. The main loop of Adr1ft is focused on repairing the HAN-IV escape pods to return to Earth.

    EVA Suit

    Commander Oshima's EVA suit serves as the only protection from the harsh environment of space. The suit is susceptible to impact as well as being damaged prior to the player assuming control due to the catastrophic event. The player must regain abilities the suit possesses like the movement burst, enhanced movement speed, oxygen capacity, and more throughout the experience, each of which are unlocked as a part of the progression.


    Throughout traversing the shattered husk of the HAN-IV, Oshima and the player will find audiologs, SSD's and other collectibles that will give insight to the crew's mental state and the goings on of the space station. These reveal more about the story and background of each crew member, as Oshima does not talk during the entirety of Adr1ft.


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