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A Flawed But Worthwhile Game 0

Advent Rising is not a perfect game. There are big issues with the graphics engine such as poor frame rate in places and some see-through textures, some minor bugs such as staying locked onto a target after it's dead and gone, and some of the cutscene camera work is jerky. If you can't look past those things to see a good game, stop reading now. Advent Rising isn't for you. If, however, you're willing to look past these things you're in for a game with some unique gameplay and a stellar plot by ...

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Max Payne Meets Sci-Fi 0

Every one has a game they consider a secret, because it isn't favored elsewhere but you cannot stand but to love it. That game for me was Advent Rising.  The story is little overdone but it was fun to see it play out, plus the choices you made early on could effect the ending of the game. After (Spoilers) the earth blows up you join a group of aliens who are being bullied by another group of aliens.   From here you gain magical powers that you can play with. You get things like shields, energy s...

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One of our favorite games. 0

The first thing I am sure that comes to every ones mind is, “Advent What!?” And indeed you should. This game was released in 2005 by developer GlyphX Games and unfortunately is now present in the developers graveyard of games. I originally bought this game upon release but it can now be found on Steam for $9.99 thanks to publisher Majesco. I wanted to review this game because it is one of my all time favorite games and one I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Its greatness can be truly found its script...

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Like a Diamond in the Rough... 0

If you don’t like this game, I can understand. There's some bugs to get around and a few other things like rough cut scene transitions. But when you play a game, you can’t look at what you think it should have been (everything usually sucks by that standard), you have to look at what it is. From this point of view Advent Rising is an amazing game even though it doesn’t get everything right. The game play is great. You have the ability to dual wield any two weapons (yes, even rocket launchers!) ...

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Advent Rising is a great game that was underrated everywhere. 0

Advent Rising is the first and last game from developer GlyphX Games. A.R. is a third person action game that takes place in the many years in the future where two races of aliens have their complete attentions on humans, one helping and one hurting. One human, Giddeon Wyeth is the only one who can save the future. The story is written by famous sci-fi author Orson Scott Card. Just to say it is really good.The gameplay in Advent Rising is great. There is a flick targeting system similar to the s...

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A Game You Want to Like, But the Game Just Won't Let You 0

Advent Rising has been in development for quite a while at rookie studio GlyphX.  From the beginning, Advent Rising has always been an ambitious project.  Taking a sci-fi script written by Orsen Scott Card and implementing it into a cinematic third-person shooter game has proven to be a difficult task.  Advent Rising is one of those games that you really want to like, as its brimming with potential, but in the end you just can't recommend it.  The game, while fun at times, is marred with gl...

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Best Bug Ridden Game I Have Ever Suffered 0

I am a huge fan of what this game did right. The story, characters, super human abilities, aliens, etc. They all work together to form what could have been a great game. Unfortunately, it looks as if the team just did not have time to add the polish needed to make it a good game.  This is the reason I game it such a low score. I am not scoring it based on its potential, but on its extremely flawed execution.  I have played this game on both the Xbox and the PC. I picked up the PC version recentl...

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Decent, but flawed 0

Advent Rising was all about hype, espcially when it came out. I remember seeing the ads and such when it came out, advertising "epic sci fi action", but boasted mediocre reviews across the board. Thats understandable, as the game does have its fair share of issues, but there are some good things here as well.  The good stuff here mainly consist of the story(which carries you throughout, definitely helped me finish the game), and the visuals. The story is pretty exciting, and keeps you going up u...

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