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AdVenture Capitalist is a capitalism simulation game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Productions that started as a flash game on the website The game was later released on mobile devices and Steam.

Players are tasked with starting and expanding several businesses by clicking on them. These businesses are clicked to upgrade them. Players click to hire managers to click for for them. Players click to upgrade your businesses.

Players can reset the progress to claim angle investors which adds a boost to all product revenue going forward.

Eventually players will expand the clicking to the Moon, and then to Mars.


The player can run the following the business's in the game.


Lemonade Stand Lemonade Stand

Newspaper Delivery Newspaper Delivery

Car Wash Car Wash

Pizza Delivery Pizza Delivery

Donut Shop Donut Shop

Shrimp Boat Shrimp Boat

Hockey Team Hockey Team

Movie Studio Movie Studio

Bank Bank

Oil Company Oil Company


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