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General Info  

Adventure Soft was founded in Brimingham, United Kingdoms.
The company focused on running "Adventure International" games on "Microcomputers".
later on they hired Brian Howarth (Mysterious Adventure author) to help them out. 

The Early Years  

From there they started to create their own games such as Gremlins - The Adventure in 1984 which was based on the Gremlins movie. A year after the success of Gremlins they created the game Robin of Sherwood that is based on the 85' TV series. 
In 1986, Adventure Soft moved to work on the "Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and worked on a new game system to develop their games:
  • Seas of Blood 
  • Rebel Planet 
  • Temple of Terror 
  • Blizzard Pass 
Adventure Soft continued to produce games for other developers like Supergran and Terraquake by Tynesoft the British Dev/Publisher company.    

Simon The Sorcerer

1993 Adventure developed their most successful point and click franchise "Simon the Sorcerer" on the Amiga and Dos.
this series got a few remastered versions and was translated to several languages such as: Russian,German,French, Hebrew etc...
today you can even find the same versions on the Iphone/Ipod touch and can play it with the Scummvm.

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