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Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why''d You Steal Our Garbage?!! is a 2D sidescrolling action platformer developed by WayForward and published by D3 for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS on November 20, 2012. It is the second game (after Adventure Time - Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess) based on the Adventure Time animated series and plays similarly to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (in which the overworld gameplay is in top-down perspective while the main game, including text dialogue and NPC interaction, is a side-scrolling platformer).



The overworld is top down and connects town areas, action stages, and dungeons. Shadowy figures roam the overworld and if you touch one the game launches you into a random encounter. Unlike Zelda II: The Adventure of Link you must defeat all of the enemies in order to leave. Once you do you are rewarded with a treasure chest containing a random item.


In combat the game plays like a sidescrolling platformer where you have finn attacks and jake attacks. Jakes punch is longer range and weaker while Finn's is closer range and stronger. You can use items you find off enemies and in chests to either power up your attacks or gain a special effect like launching ice shurikens whenever you attack.

Level Up!

Adventure Time includes a progression mechanic where you can level 3 attributes up to 4 times. The attributes are Attack, Hearts, and Speed. Speed give you faster attacks and movement, Attack increases your base damage, and Hearts gives 1 extra heart. Rather than gaining XP from killing enemies level ups are earned by finding Wizard Stars hidden in chests around the world.

Finn and Jake Moves

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Moves are scattered around the world for Jake and Finn the find and use in combat. The moves are found in chests around the world and increase your mobility or allow you to activate switches. All of the moves are also usable in combat.

Finn's basic attack is a low range punch that can be used with the Y button

Jake's basic attack is long range punch where he stretches his arm out and it can be used with the X button

Low Kick can be used by crouching and attacking

Slide can be used by jumping while crouching

Ear Shield turns Jake's ear into a shield that can deflect projectiles and block wind. It can be found in a chest in the first dungeon and it's used by holding the R button

Down Thrust is a downward sword attack Finn can use that activates switches in order to open doors. It can be found in the Candy Kingdom after completing a quest for Princess Bubblegum.

Fist Smash is a move where Jake makes his fist large and smashes it onto the ground. It can be used to break through rock walls. It is used by crouching and pressing X.

Jake Umbrella turns Jake into an umbrella so you can float over large gaps and make jumps your otherwise be unable to. It is used by holding R while jumping.

Jake Roll turns Jake into a wheel that Finn rides in. The move can be used to attack enemies or to get past them and run away. It is also used to roll over pools of water in some areas. It is used by pressing X while running.

Spiral Slice is a secret move similar to Link's usual spin attack. It is hidden on a secret island and blocked by a puzzle. You hold Y to charge and release to attack dealing a lot of damage.

Glowing Sword is the final upgrade needed in order to access the Ice King's dungeon. It replaces Finn's normal attack and can be used to break down ice walls.

Overworld Moves

The Ice King
The Ice King

Jake has specific Overworld moves he can use to help you get to know areas. Even though Jake can normally take the shape of anything he isn't feeling motivated today and just doesn't feel like it. In order to get him to change several character put suggestions into his head by saying things that make him think about changing. For example Hot Dog princess says that she wants him to turn into a bridge so she can press her "Hotdog feet" into his "nasty back". These moves are used in a Metroid fashion to gate your access to later areas.

Bridge is used at broken bridges. Jake will turn into a makeshift bridge so Finn can get across.

Heavy is used at large walls in the overworld. Jake gets really big and kicks the wall in order to break it.

Ship is used at docks and allows Finn to sail the oceans of Ooo.

Long Legs is used to raise Finn up to higher areas like large mountains.


There are base food items and Condiments. If you appropriately combine condiments with food you can increase the amount of hearts they give you when used. Their only purpose is to be eaten for hearts and even though condiments can be eaten they don't give you any hearts.


Items are either for Combat or effecting movement on the overworld. A majority of non-food items are combat oriented. They range from projectiles to attack or speed power-ups.


Finn wakes up from a dream where Jake insults the Cosmic Owl and the Cosmic Owl kills the both of them. Finn is concerned about the dream considering the Cosmic Owl ensures that a dream will be of a prophetic nature. Jake and Finn decide to leave their house for their usual adventuring when The Ice King shows up saying that he stole all their Garbage. He says he has planned out a series of riddles and trials for them to go through if they want to get their garbage back. The plot follows Finn and Jake in their quest to kick the Ice King's butt and help people who need helping. Adventure Time characters both big and small show up throughout the quest in various capacities.

Collector's Edition

For $10 more than the standard version, the collector's edition comes with the following bonuses:

  • Enchiridion SteelBook case
  • Finn’s gold sword stylus
  • Book of Beasts beastiary guide book
  • Land of Ooo fold-out map

The Collector's Edition is available for the DS and 3DS


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