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    Aero Porter

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 29, 2012

    An airport-luggage-handling sim developed by Yoot Saito and Level 5.

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    Originally part of the Guild 01 collection, Aero Porter was released as a standalone 3DS eShop title in western territories on November 29, 2012.

    Aero Porter is a puzzle simulator about working as a luggage handler in an airport. Your supervisor, Bob Saito, gives you tasks each day and you're set with handling all of the incoming luggage. This starts out very simply- raising and lowering arms, you put the colored luggage on the correctly colored track for the right airplane. Once you get just that color on the conveyor, they are loaded in and the plane takes off. However, it's not long until the game begins to throw in greater challenges that demand even more attention.

    • Suspicious Packages- These come in two different packages. The first looks like a bomb, and is easy to tell apart from the other luggage. The other is designed to look like a regular bag, but when the 3DS is shaken or blown on, they do not shake. Both of these packages are dealt with in the same way, simply by loading them into a truck on its own conveyor level before they blow up or get loaded onto an aircraft.
    • Transfer Flights- Though they seem like they could be difficult, transfer flights are bags that are loaded straight onto a belt, instead of from the top. They have to then be sorted from whatever level they're introduced from, but are dealt with like regular packages.
    • Diplomat Bags- Diplomat bags are specially marked from the other bags, and for good reason. The diplomats are used to a special treatment, so they need to have their luggage loaded in separate and first. Since the bags look no different, you have to check the tags to make sure which is right and where it then has to go.
    • The President and Air Force One- Like the diplomat's bags, the President's bags are loaded on with special tags. However, since the President has his own method of traveling, the bags don't have to be loaded differently, and are just loaded onto the conveyor specifically for Air Force One.

    On top of these special luggage considerations, the player also needs to keep in mind the fuel. Pressing the Y button pulls down a new battery, which must be loaded into the generator at the bottom. There are also new ways introduced to help keep your fuel consumption down, including:

    • Turning off the lights
    • Speeding up and slowing down the conveyors
    • Turning off the power arm, which makes the arms move slower

    Combining these power-saving and sorting methods with the challenges laid before you is the only way to up your rating and get yourself from a small regional airport to a spaceport that even services space shuttles. Along the way your workload increases, as does your workday and the amount of belts you're dealing with, maxing out at 7. There is a combo system in place as well for every plane you launch in the span of a minute (an hour in game), which unlocks new planes and parts for the StreetPass functionality.

    StreetPass Functionality

    The StreetPass functionality is a very simple integration. Once you reach International Airport status, combos earn you not only extra points, but also planes and parts to customize them with. If the player is happy with their plane, they can send it out, and anyone that they pass has that plane land and confer bonus money upon successful completion. After Air Force One has been served, you can also unlock Air Force One as your plane, though it's not customizable.


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