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    The playable protagonist of Pandora's Tower.

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    Aeron is the playable character and protagonist of Pandora's Tower. A young soldier from Athos, he escaped a battlefield gravely injured and was taken in by a family from a nearby village belonging to the opposing Elyrian forces. There he meets and fell in love with the family's eldest daughter, Elena. Despite the mistrust he felt from the other villagers during his time there, he stayed for Elena's sake. When she is chosen to perform in the Festival Ritual in Elyria's capital, he sneaks into the city incognito in order to watch her sing. When she is attacked and given the curse by a mysterious shadowy entity, he quickly finds her and the Vestran merchant Mavda and escapes the city with them in tow. Mavda escorts them to the Scar and the Observatory tower on its precipice, informing them that the only way to cure Elena is to provide her with the flesh of the masters from the twelve towers around the Scar.

    Aeron spends most of the game running to and from the twelve towers and the Observatory, bringing back servant and master flesh to temporarily stave off Elena's curse. Depending on how the player controls him, he either takes good care of Elena, giving her gifts, engaging her in conversation and not letting her transformation progress too far, or neglects her. Depending on the strength of their relationship, the ending will be different.


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