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    Aerosol Flamethrower

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    A lighter paired with an aerosol can is quite a formidable combination, and can create a potent weapon in a pinch.

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    Probably the most beloved improvised weapon in games, used sometimes in horror themed games, they plays the role as an improvised flamethrower, which makes sense since it's easier to find in a home an aerosol can rather than flamethrower. and unlike a classic flamethrower the weapon is very compact.


    In Blood the aerosol works like a flamethrower, however it can be ignited transforming it into a flammable grenade, when it's thrown with the primary fire, the weapon explodes upon impact, while if we press again the secondary fire, the weapon is dropped and acts like a timed explosive

    Army men

    In army men the aerosol is a super weapon it can be used to attack enemy forces like we can do in some strategy games with a super weapon

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