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I totally imported Afrika from the USA. I went to the trouble of importing it. Honestly. Had to try it out for myself.
You know what, I wouldn't even consider Afrika a game. It's more a simulator. I reckon if you're an amateur photographer there is stuff you could learn from Afrika. When you start getting the more advanced Sony cameras and what-not, it gets crazy. You can fiddle with almost every component of the camera, so shutter speed, saturation, yadda, yadda, and it all generally has (what I presume is) a realistic effect on your photos. The "game" also does a good job of teaching you what effect all the elements have on your final photograph, so I actually honestly could imagine it being a decent product for someone who's just getting into photography and wants to learn a bit more about it.
Graphically it's actually rather weak. Textures and stuff are rough, but the animals are animated pretty darn well. There's this weird thing though where animals in the distance move really jittery - it's like it cuts out frames of animation for those animals far away, presumably to help it run better.
You know what though, I'm going to play more of the "game". About two hours in you get to take control of the Suzuki safari buggy and just drive whereever the hell you want, which opens the game up to a lot of area allowing you to explore and find animals. The challenges are also quite interesting, but you have to be extremely patient. One missions saw me sitting in a tree for five minutes waiting for a giraffe to walk over.
It's an EXTREMELY acquired taste. There's no action, there's a lot of waiting, and it actually gets quite difficult if you want to set-up your camera to create the best scope for the best photos. But the game constantly rewards with new items and stuff.
And, oh yeah. Saving takes about 5 minutes due to a WHOPPING 350MB save file. Which is crazy.
Imagine - Pokemon Snap, with freedom to roam, real cameras and a realistic enviroment. That's Afrika.
It's kinda cheaply made, kinda not a game, and definitely flawed in a ton of areas. But hey, I think there is a tiny niche of people who will get something out of it.
Personally - I'll get trophies.

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I'll buy the Canon camera & lenses DLC.

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@kitsune_conundrum said:
" I'll buy the Canon camera & lenses DLC. "
Ah-hahah. Please tell me that's not really happening! :P
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@get2sammyb: I really would if they released it.
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Are there any Trophies for it? I can't even imagine what they would be lol

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Nice summary. Sounds like something I might wanna check out if I can get another opinion or two... hopefully from Jeff.

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@Soap said:
" Are there any Trophies for it? I can't even imagine what they would be lol "
Yeah, they're for getting certain photos.
The game is structured via objectives. For example, you get commissioned to take of photo for the front cover of National Geographic, etc.
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is it coming to europe? i wouldnt buy it, but i want to see it badly. maybe id buy it when its price has gone down

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I've been interested in this game ever since I played Endless Ocean. They look really similar. 

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Can you hit animals with the car?

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The unwrapping video sold me on this game :( 
So much excitement over something (probably) quite rubbish
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Yes, It just makes your jeep come to a complete stop and the other photographer tells you to be careful.

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