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Fun Fast and Short Ride

After Burner Climax is essentially a port of the arcade game.  I have never played the arcade game but after seeing the quick look on Giant Bomb i loved the fast intense craziness of it.  It was one of the first purchases after i bought more microsoft points and played it immediately. 
 The graphics aren't top notch but are pretty good since its a 2006 arcade game.  But more than the graphics its the performace factor that is pivotal to the quality of gameplay.  It stays at a constant 60 fps and it looks wonderful. 
 I can't give much to the sound, it works.  The multitude of explosions, the targeting noise it all has a great sound to it.  The music has a very arcade  feel to it which works well. 
 The key about the gameplay is that it plays like an arcade game so expect to die more oftern than other games.  This game is insanely fast and if you can't handle that, don't buy this game.  It is essentially REZ but fighter jets and its great.  Although at certain points i wasn't really trying to attack specific jets i was just barrel rolling and firing rockets consistently.  One problem is that the game is too short so if you don't like playing levels over and over again, you won't really get your money's worth (despite it only being $10).  One good addition is being able to unlock EX options which are essentially cheats which make the gameplay even more absurd and crazier. 
 If you love crazy intense REZ-type shooter, this is your game.  Keep in mind that its a short game with high replayability so if you get bored easily playing to the same thing over and over the may not be worth it yet (wait for when it drops to $5 maybe).  

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