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    Afterlife is a nightclub located in the mercenary run space station Omega.

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    Afterlife is a popular nightclub located in the space station Omega. It's a common hangout for mercenaries and criminals and is owned and operated by a powerful Asari named Aria who happens to be the current ruler and self-described "queen" of Omega.  


    Afterlife is entered through a long hallway filled with holographic fire, a reoccurring theme. The club is large and contains three levels and a VIP area. The lower level is underground and it's most distinguishing feature is a large bar which is run by a surly Batarian. The second and main level is where most of the club goers hang out and dance. There is a large circular structure in the center with girls dancing around a tall cylindrical hologram.  Aria resides in a heavily guarded private room in the back where she oversees her club. The third, upper level appears to be a general balcony area that is inaccessible to Commander Shepard.   


    The main quest takes Shepard into Afterlife to speak to a mercenary that's recruiting for a mission to take down Archangel. He may also seek additional information about his prospective team members from Aria. Shepard later returns to Omega to recruit Samara. He does so by helping her set a trap for her evil daughter in Afterlife's VIP section. There are a variety of other sidequests and events in Afterlife for the player to take part in.

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