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    AG36 Assault Rifle

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    AG36 Assault Rifle or G36 Assault Rifle is a German made infantry rifle used around the world.

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    AG36, or the G36 Rifle is a German standard infantry rifle developed as a replacement for the aging G3 Battle Rifle, it utilizes the standard NATO Round, the 5.56x45mm Round. This rifle is widely used around the world in various police forces, Military Forces, and Special Operation Teams, this is mainly due to the fact that this rifle has garnered a reputation of being a brutally reliable rifle.

    Before this rifle was designed, the Germans were hard at work trying to develop a rifle that would replace the aging G3 Rifle, so there efforts introduced them to a new kind of rifle that used the 4.73mm case-less ammunition (Rifle does not eject cases of ammo, decreasing chance of jam), however this idea was abandoned due to the fact that the Germans developed an interest in the 5.56x45mm round, so development of a new rifle was needed, weapons such as the G41 rifle was introduced, but rejected, so H&K started a new project known as Project 50, this led to the G36 rifle, which was rated higher than its rival, the Austrian Steyr Aug.

    The G36 is a selective firing weapon that uses the standard rifle setup with the pistol grip trigger in the back of the magazine, but some notable features have been added to this rifle that sets this rifle apart from all rifles out there, notably the rifle doesn't have the standard rifle sight of most modern infantry rifles, in fact it uses a red dot sight that can be seen built onto the hand grip of the gun, the ZF 3x4 scope had an effective design that clearly defined the ranges of targets, the scope had sets of reticules that helped the operator find these ranges, the middle reticule was set for a man sized target at 200m, second crosshair located on the boundaries of the 200m crosshair was set for 400m, second crosshair was for 600m, and last bottom crosshair was set for 800m. The G36 was an ambedextrious rifle, meaning that a left of right handed user could use this system with ease, the bolt could be cocked with left or ones right hand.


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