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    Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 30, 2005

    And Then There Were None is based on the novel, but features an all new ending with a newly introduced protagonist.

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    Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None is a point and click adventure game based on the novel of the same name. It was developed by AWE Productions, Inc. It first was released on the PC, but later was released on the Wii.

    The North American version of the game came with the original Novel.

    The only major differences between the game and the novel are the inclusion on a new character, Patrick Narracott and multiple endings different then the novel's conclusion.

    The alternate ending of the game can be accessed after the main game has been completed.


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    The game starts with 8 people travelling to the town of Sticklehaven. Each of them have been invited to stay at a mansion on Shipwreck Island. Upon arrival all 8 people meet up with the games playable character and the brother of the boatman, Patrick Narracott. Patrick's brother has been framed for murder and he thinks that by talking to the guests he will be able to clear his brothers name. But when they arrive a voice starts accusing everybody, except Patrick Narracott of murder. The boat is then discovered to have been sabotaged, so they are stuck on the island.

    Tensions build as the guests' shadowy pasts and hidden motives begin to unwind, leaving you, as Patrick Narracott to unravel the mystery, while staying alive, trapped on an island with a murderer.

    The player has no control of plot development until nearing the end of the game.


    Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None is a point and click adventure game that is played from a third-person perspective. It is divided into chapters, which are then divided into acts. The play will play through each act, and after triggering a certain event the game will move onto the next act. The developers have said nothing essential can be missed during the players progression throughout the game, although sections of the game can be skipped, and the player may avoid doing side quests if they wish.

    Most of the interactive parts of Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None are asking other guests questions, finding items, and combining items. The inventory system can hold up to 12 items.

    And Then There Were None features a journal system for helping keep track of side quests, and the main quests clues. It also lets you piece together the clues you have found. the journal will record everything needed to complete the game, including every conversation you have with the other people. The reason for putting in the journal system was so that the player didn't have to use resources outside of the game to solve the puzzles, such as a pen and paper, it could be done right in the game.

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    Another vital feature of And Then There Were None is the suspicion meter, this meter measures the relationship with you and the other characters of the game. The meter was made to counteract the problem with other adventure games at the time where the player could go through another characters belongings in-front of them and that character would not care. The system adds negative consequences when the player does things the other characters see as inappropriate. When the meter beings it is at neutral for each character. Depending on where the meter is at for a character it will affect dialogue choices. If the suspicion meter falls on a character, the player can do certain tasks for the other character to redeem themselves.

    On the Wii, the remote controller is used to point and select objects, manipulate your inventory and is twisted to open doors.

    Voice Cast

    Nolan North (Uncharted Franchise, every other game in 2009) - Patrick Narracott

    Greg Ellis (Dragon Age Origins Awakening - Phillip Lombard

    Ian Ambercrombie (The Star Wars movie franchise) - Rogers / General Mackenzie


    And Then There Were None has received massively varying reviews since it was released, reviews were from 2/10, up to 9/10 representing a very wide range of opinions on the game.


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