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    Member of the First Generation Kanto Elite 4. She Specialises in Ghost-Types.

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     Kanto's Elite Four just within the quarters of the Pokemon Leauge
    Kanto's Elite Four just within the quarters of the Pokemon Leauge

    Agatha is the third member of Kanto region's Elite Four and has mastered the use of Ghost-type Pokémon through her many years of training. She doesn't just train Ghost-type Pokémon and usually chooses Pokémon that have an eerie presence to them. When Agatha is defeated, the player is then granted entrance to the next room to challenge the fourth member of the Indigo League Elite Four, Lance.

    Agatha holds the title of being the oldest member of the Elite Four in any region.

    She was once a fond acquaintance of Professor Oak in their youth, with both being friendly rivals. As they grew older, Oak became more interested in Pokémon research, while Agatha continued to train.

    'You're the child that Oak's taken under his wing, aren't you? That old duff was once tough and handsome. But that was decades ago. He's a shadow of his former self. Now he just wants to fiddle with his Pokédex. He's wrong. Pokémon are for battling!'

    Battle Data

    Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

    Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen


    Her sprite in FireRed/LeafGreen varies from her original sprite. Agatha is now shown to have graying blonde hair rather than just gray hair and her posture is improved, showing that Agatha is actually younger than she was first depicted in Red/Blue.


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    Agatha specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon, but all of her Pokémon are Poison-type, with the exception of Misdreavus in the rematch in FireRed and LeafGreen. This is mainly due to the fact that there are only three Ghost-type Pokémon in the first generation.

    Thus, all of her Pokémon are weak to Psychic-type and Ground-type moves, except for her Golbat. However, in FireRed and LeafGreen, Haunter and Gengar have gained the ability, Levitate, which causes Ground-type moves to miss..

    In-Game Role

    R / B / G

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    Aside from the type casting, Agatha's team is compromised of a well built strategy. Unfortunately for her tough lineup of Pokemon, the in-game strategy ranks her reputation with a poorly built assault. Her moveset is at times unnervingly spent using Dream Eater upon already awaken Pokémon contenders, and can be seen switching them on other turns, basically at given random.

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    Usually set upfront to compete against her opponent, the two Gengars and Haunter are punished by Psychic-based Pokémon. Golbat hones his skill in the sky but does not fair any well against the smite of Electric-based Thunderbolt. Arbok, pray tell, is assured to be shriveled with ease on a Psychic basis. To reinforce a team against Agatha's in-game balance is reassured to be less of a threat than foretold. Take her team on with an even balanced team and she'll sure grant passage to the next Elite on the roster.

    Pokemon Special

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    The close relations of Oak and Agatha were unveiled in the Yellow Saga introducing the two at a back-then age of young adulthood. They both collaborated in formal works of Pokémon, with little detail or explanation.

    As they both competed within the first ever Pokémon League Championship staged, Oak and Agatha were in good terms. Once Oak had gained favorable status in the Conference League he went on to confront Agatha in battle and ultimately defeated her in the enacted finals. Agatha met in secular privacy with Oak as she knew his whereabouts on Pokémon Training had ultimately come to a complete null. Agatha directly confronted Oak on his singular reasons about leaving the collaborate "research group" that they had worked up upon.

    He had given verified reason that he was to complete life in the significance of a gadgets creation; the Pokédex. Perplexed of the idea, Agatha fought frustratingly against the ideals of its entire completion, as she remarked that this work would wrap him within text that would stretch upon years to come without the slightest avail of success. Knowing replied, Oak spoke truthfully that if the gathered information was not to be complete by the end of his generation and time, his lineage of children and grandchildren would in any case take over this task. As his departure from the scene took, Agatha ensued a personal vendetta over him, those associated with him and the human race in that matter.

    By then, she had grown disdain against the issues brought upon Pokémon, brought upon by mankind's ignorance of understanding from pollution developed from selfish focus on industrialization.


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      Agatha can be witnessed matching her wits against Bruno in the opening sequence of Pokémon anime, demonstrating the classic of battle of Brains V. Brawn.
    • As a tribute to this opening sequence, a wild Gengar and a wild male Nidorino are seen battling in the opening sequence of Pokémon LeafGreen/FireRed.
    • Bertha, of the Pokémon Sinnoh League's, Elite Four has an uncanny resemblance to Pokémon Kanto League's member Agatha.
    • There is great speculation about Agatha's and Bertha's connection, as they are both attributed many significant resemblances within their persona and characteristics.
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      Due to her resemblance with the Pokemon Sinnoh League's Elite Four member, it should be noted that both have held the third rank position while being active in their region's League and have significant name resemblances (both in the English and the Japanese version).
    • While Agatha specializes in the strategic abilities of agile tactics, Bertha specializes in the strategic ability of observation, concentrating her actions and focusing on the environment around, putting practice and adding variations to a Pokemon technique.
    • Due to Agatha's debut appearance in Generation I of the chronology of Pokémon Red / Green / Blue / Yellow, her Pokémon are shown to share typing of Poison, as the only Ghost lineage available at the time being was the Gastly evolution.
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      Throughout every media appearance, Agatha is shown owning a Gengar and at least one member from the Zubat evolutionary line, while in every game appearance she has had Arbok and at least shown to own a Haunter fighting along side her in battle.
    • The most common move found to be used within Agatha's team is Confuse Ray.
    • A favorable combo found within the team's moveset is the sequent use of Hypnosis and Dream Eater.
    • While Karen of Kanto's Elite Four has unprecedented history with Agatha, they both share the common interest in
      Pokémon with a dark and eerie appearance (Gengar) and have placed third rank within their League.

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