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    Age of Chivalry

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 01, 2007

    A Half-Life 2 total conversion mod that puts players in control of a Medieval soldier in chaotic, objective-based multiplayer combat.

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    Age of Chivalry is a multiplayer game mod for the Source engine that is available for free over the Steam distribution client. It features class-based melee and ranged combat along a variety of objective-based maps. Created by Team Chivalry, it was voted one of the 5 best Source mods by users and released as part of the first ever "Mod Week" packages along with D.I.P.R.I.P., Zombie Panic Source, Insurgency, and Synergy. The game takes place in first-person, and the two invariable teams are the Agathia Knights and the Mason Order. It is also one of the first Source mods to use the newest version of the Source engine, which is usually referred to as the "Orange Box Engine." Age of Chivalry was also the first mod to use Steam Achievements.


    The game is based on a simplistic combat system centered around timing and energy conservation. Running, parrying, thrusting, side-swiping, overhead slams and throwing things all deplete stamina. Depleted energy regenerates at a slow rate; health is irrecoverable by any means besides dying and respawning. Games are broken up into Attacking and Defending teams unless the map is specifically designated for Gladiator-esque combat, which shifts the gametype to one resembling Team Deathmatch. General gameplay is based upon map-specific objectives, and general focal areas are tiered, which shifts the front-lines in favor of the attackers and pushes the defenders back. The sole objective of the defender is to kill the attackers before they can complete an objective. Attackers may be given one of several objectives, ranging from guiding a bomb cart through several checkpoints to destroy a target (reminiscent of Team Fortress 2's Payload mode), to freeing a prison before the defenders execute 10 prisoners (with one prisoner being executed every 45 seconds or so). Also like Team Fortress, map objectives are completely unique; unless specifically modified to do so, one map will only ever play one mission variant.


    Each Faction in Age of Chivalry has three infantry units, comprised of 3 infantry class variations.

    The Knight

    The Knight is the Heavy class in Age of Chivalry. The knight possesses more armor, health, and damage power than any other class. In return, it sacrifices Stamina amount and speed.

    The Knight's Weapon Variations are:

    • Crusader- The fastest weapon setup for the Knight class, the Crusader class comes with two throwing knives, a short dagger, a Bastard Sword, and a shield.
    • Heavy Knight (weapon varies between factions) - The slowest option for the Knight, the heavy knight comes with two throwing axes, a small tomahawk-style axe, a large battleaxe/warhammer, and a shield.
    • Knight- Medium-speed setup for Knights. Comes with a flail, a dagger, a shield, and throwing knives.

    The Footman

    The Footman is the well-rounded Class in Age of Chivalry. Sporting a balance of speed and power, it features both short and long-range weapons. All Footmen come with a firepot as a ranged weapon, which creates flames on any surface that do damage over time. The firepot will also light enemies on fire with a direct hit, burning them for a short time

    The Footman's Weapon Variations are:

    • Sergeant- The sergeant is equipped with a mace, mace and shield combo, dagger, and firepot. The mace is the fastest attacking, but least damaging weapon in the game designed for a flurry of quick blows.
    • Guardsman - The class with the longest strike radius is equipped with a Halberd, dagger, and firepot. Can hit up to 3 opponents at once with the halberd, and is the slowest Footman class.
    • Man-at-Arms- The fastest footman class in Age of Chivalry had medium range and power and is equipped with a sword, sword and shield combo, dagger, and firepot.

    The Archer

    The Archer is the ranged class in Age of Chivalry. Archers have the least health, but can deal damage from a distance.

    The Archer's weapon variations are:

    • Bowman- The fastest attacking ranged class deals the least amount of damage but also has the longest range. Comes equipped with a short blade and a bow.
    • Crossbowman- The crossbow has the slowest attack speed and must perform a stationary reload after every shot, but deals the most damage. Comes equipped with a short blade and crossbow.
    • Javelineer- The intermediate ranged class which throws short ranged but heavily damaging javelins. Comes equipped with a set of throwing javelins as well as a spear and shield.

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