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Amazing Next-Gen RPGn'

Right as you step into the World of Hyboria, all the elements of Conan's Lore is right there in your face. Every little detail in the environment, character models, music, combat, gore, (and even more gore), is there just waiting for you to interact with it.

For the first 20 levels or so, you are fighting to save a corrupt pirate haven name Tortage. You start off as a slave, but once you help a bunch of needy townsfolk, you quickly gain respect and even greater rewards. The beginning single-player missions were sort of tedius for MMO veterans, but the the quest rewards weren't too shabby.

Once you get to your homeland, you really get a ton of freedom handed to you. You can pretty much travel to any major city right of the bat. Quests will help you guide your character around Hyboria; which is a big help because the map is pretty huge. Tradeskills are there, but you really can only gather resources at the beginning, and no crafting till maybe 40 or so.

The game runs pretty smooth on my computer, but you may have to upgrade to get the full effect of all its glory. Running around and killing creatures, monsters, and other enemy players is hugely satisfying (especially the FATALITIES). Whether you are new to MMOs or a veteran player, you owe yourself to check out this great next-gen action-adventure.

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