runs surprisingly well on a laptop with integrated graphics

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I dont usually bother playing games on the laptop here but since it was my only option and the download was only 27mb i decided to give it a shot. after the massive patch i decided to boot it up and see what i was working with and to my astonishment the game runs pretty well even with the shader and shadows set to high( about 20-25 fps) but having turned those to the lowest settings i was able to get 40 -60 fps while playing. 
so if you only have a laptop and havent tried yet because you fear it wont run go ahead and try it.

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Hmm, I'll have to try it out then.

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@GlenTennis:  let me know how it went
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I really wish I could get away with downloading this on my work computer (which I'm not sure could run the game well based on what you said about your laptop) and play it during my lunch breaks but something makes me think the powers that be would frown upon that, if they found out.

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How do you tell how many frames per second you are getting?

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I've been having a problem lately (after I actually paid for the premium civs, conveniently) of just random crashing. As in, my entire computer. My display with just get cut and the computer locks up and shuts down. It's getting to the point that I can't play the game anymore without being paranoid.
Apparently alot of other people are also experiencing the same problem but I haven't seen any reliable fix for the issue. No idea what I'm going to do about that.

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I got a steady 60FPS after I turned off AA.

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@deskp said:

How do you tell how many frames per second you are getting?

You count them :P
On a serious note, most people use Fraps.

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