The 1600 points model.

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Since there are several different ways to pay for this game I'm a bit confused. Right now you can get all the civilizations unlocked for 8000 points, if I only play one civilaztion (the Greeks) I should just buy their pack for 1600. Will I still get the same experience if I where to just play as the Greeks or will I still be missing out of stuff if I don't get the 8000 point pack.... I think this makes sense.

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The 8000 points is the $100 pack which includes Greece and Egypt, and gets you Celticland (why is this name escaping me?) and Persia when they are released later this year. It also gets you all the extraneous bits of content released before then (like the defense of crete horde mode thing). 1600 just gives you Greece or Egypt, and those are exactly the same as they would be if you got the 8000 point bundle.

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Just getting one empire (like Greece) is still a TON of content. Heck, it's a ton of content even if you don't pay for premium, you just don't get all the goodies and achievements. I don't think you should be compelled to buy the season pass or even the $40 Greece and Egypt bundle unless you think you're going to be spending a rather huge chunk of time playing this game.

I personally went with just 1600 for Greece (which is the only empire I really spent any time with at all during the beta, which I probably entered a year ago), which I think will be enough to satisfy me. I love Age of Empires, but that love is not worth $100. If I play through all of the Greece content, reach level 40 and decide I'm not done, I'll go back and pony up another $20 for Egypt (or one of the other empires at that point). No big deal. The Defense of Crete DLC you'd get free in the bundle doesn't seem necessarily amazing to me, anyway.

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I really had the urge to buy the season pass even tho im pretty sure i wont be spending that much time in the game with more than one empire, i bought the Premium roman pack after a few hours, cant stand being locked out of features , and the game was worth it.

I did wish that would stop them from showing me ads for the content i already bough tho " buy blah blah to unlock advisors(or whatever)" ...

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