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    Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1998

    Rome wasn't built in a day..or was it?!?! This is the expansion to the first Age of Empires and is based on the Rise of the Roman Empire.

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    As the expansion to Ensemble Studio’s Age of Empires, Rise of Rome introduced four additional playable civilizations to add to the twelve from the original game. These were the Carthaginians, Macedonians, Palmyrans and the Romans. Along with this a new Roman-style architecture was introduced for these new civilizations. There were also minor changes to the game play such as the introduction of unit queuing and an increase to the population limit.

    New Civilizations


    •  Transports 30% Faster
    • Fire Galley 25% Attack
    • Academy and Elephants 25 Hit Points


    • Academy Units 2 vs. Slinger, Ballista, Heleoplis missile weapon
    • Hand-to-hand Attack Units 2 Range of sight
    • Siege Workshop Units cost 50% less
    • Units 4 times more resistant to conversions


    • Free Tribute
    • Gold per Trade Ship doubled
    • Villagers cost 50% more, but have armor and work 20% faster
    • Camel Riders 25% Faster


    • Buildings Cost 25% Less - Except Walls, Towers and Wonders
    • Towers Cost 50% Less
    • Swordsmen Attack 30% Faster

    New Units

    • Armoured Elephant
    • Camel Rider
    • Scythed Chariot
    • Fire Galley
    • Slinger

    New Upgrades

    • Logistics – Barracks units only count as half units towards your populations
    • Martyrdom – Lets you instantly convert a unit by sacrificing a priest
    • Medicine – Increases priest healing
    • Tower Shield – Increases resistance to ballista attacks

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