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Age of Wushu is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, currently being developed by Snail Game and set to be published by the same studio later in 2013. The game is currently in a closed beta.


Character Progression

Character progression can be measured through the level of a character's skills. Internal skills can be leveled up to level 36, while skills that are usable in combat can be leveled up to level 5. Players can see other players' characters strength level which is determined by a character's internal skill level. There is currently only one tier of internal skills but other regions have multiple tiers. Higher levels of internal skill tiers translates into higher power levels and access to more difficult PvE instances.

There are no progression requirements for equipping gear. Progression is required to get into PvE instances which drop the recipes for the gear.


Professions a character can undertake in Age of Wushu are split into three different categories: crafting, gathering, and culture professions.

  • Crafting professions create items, weapons, and equipment. They are also used to enhance weapons and equipment. The best weapons and equipment in the game is player crafted. Players can only have only one crafting profession at a time.
  • Gathering professions are used to acquire materials for the crafting professions. Players can have every gathering profession at once.
  • Culture professions provide some very special functions like buffing everyone in a group. Players can have only one at a time.


The game will be free to play on release. Monetization is implimented through a premium "VIP" system and a microtransaction cash shop.

The cash shop currently contains mounts and costumes on thirty-day rental. A player can buy gold with real money to use in the cash shop. The gold can be converted into official silver, one of the in-game currencies. The gold can also be used to purchase a month of VIP status. VIP status gives a variety of benefits that attribute in-game advantages to VIP players.

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