Agent Armstrong

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    Sidescrolling 3D shooter from King of the Jungle Ltd

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    “Spats” Falconetti is the notorious godfather of the largest criminal organization in the world. The agency for which the player woks believes him to be closing in on potential world domination. As such they have dispatched “Agent Armstrong” as their secret weapon against Falconettis international network of crime. The player must guide Agent Armstrong through 30 levels set all around the world and utilizing all the equipment the agency can supply in order to save people from a terrible fate.

    Mission Structure

    The player is allowed to tackle the games missions in many different orders. Upon entering the map room within agency headquarters multiple missions will be displayed and can be tackled. Some mission paths will lead to the same conclusion however others are dead ends and are just Syndicate diversions. Missions contain both primary and secondary objectives. Only completing the mission’s primary objectives is required for advancement however completion of optional secondary missions will result in the player being awarded a Medal of Honor which will be proudly displayed on the mission map.

    Power Ups


    Heart shaped power ups found strewn across each level. If your health bar is currently full then they should be left and returned to as needed.


    Machine gun ammunition power ups can be found in crates and on the floor around each level. Represented by a letter “A”

    Special Ammo

    Represented by a letter “P”. Pickings these up will transform you machine gun into a super powered version. Only limited uses however are available before it returns to its normal state.


    The player will initially have only three of these in their inventory, however more can be found within each level. The player can adjust the arc of their throw and if properly used the splash damage effect can eliminate entire rooms of enemies.

    Proximity Mine

    Most useful when being pursued by enemies these drop behind the player and will destroy any chasing enemies unlucky enough to persist.

    Wireless Bomb

    These can be dropped anywhere within a level and will sit idle until remote detonated by the player. Multiple bombs can be placed throughout a level however any single detonation usage will explode all currently placed bombs.

    Air Tanks

    Certain levels require Agent Armstrong to use an alternate form of breathing due to toxicity within the atmosphere. These will replenish the available air supply.

    Poison Gas Bomb

    Devastating weapon these are thrown like grenades but are far more deadly. The player can adjust the throwing arc and any biological enemies within the radius of its gas cloud will be instantly eliminated.

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