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    Agents of Mayhem

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Aug 15, 2017

    Inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons, this single-player spin-off of the Saints Row series pits a roaming squad of anti-heroes against a massive evil organization in near-future South Korea.

    werupenstein's Agents of Mayhem (PC) review

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    Not a Saints Row game

    Adjust your expectations

    This is not a Saints Row game.

    Imagine taking all the generic open world bits that nobody likes anymore and that is this game; a generic open world with absolutely no hook.

    The actual world is very nice looking, a stylized future city very reminiscent of Overwatch but it is extremely small,likely the smallest "open world" I've ever been in.

    I liked the majority of the characters they all had a decent backstory and fun special abilities.

    80% of this game is extremely repetitive missions that take your through the exact same dungeon. The other 20% is okay story missions.

    A strange thing happened to me towards the end of the game, I started treating it like an arcade beat em up game, I just stopped trying to be careful/not dying and just plowed through everything with reckless abandon and I started having some fun with it.

    The most interesting thing about this game is thinking about what may have happened during the development of this game; it seems obvious that there must have been some extreme changes in course and scope over the development of this game. It feels like they sat down and came up with a great premise spent 2 years trying to make something out of it and failed, then pulled out the Saints Row engine and slapped this thing together in a year and put it out because they had to, I'd love to see a behind the scenes documentary.

    If you play this like an open world collectathon you are going to hate this game and yourself. A much better option would be to mainline the story and get out but even that is not really worth the time.

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