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    Agility Orb

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    The collectible, iconic green-coloured Orbs featured in the Crackdown series.

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    Agility Orbs are one of many collectibles featured in the Crackdown series, commonly featured alongside Hidden Orbs.

    The purpose of Agility Orbs are to help level up your character's Agility skill. They can be found scattered all over the map, mainly atop high buildings and hard to reach areas. They are easily identifiable by a small ringing noise which they emit when you are in proximity to one. Picking up an Agility Orb will give a small boost to your Agility skill.


    The original Crackdown had 500 Agility Orbs hidden around the city, as well as 300 Hidden Orbs.

    Owners of the "Getting Busy" bonus pack also had an extension to this, whereupon having found over half of the orbs, the ringing would start to increase in range with each additional orb found, making it easier to find some of the later orbs.

    Collecting all 500 Agility Orbs in the campaign rewards the player with the 'Free Runner' achievement.

    Crackdown 2

    Crackdown 2 also has 500 Agility Orbs for players to collect, alongside 300 Hidden Orbs.

    The game introduces an Orb tracker, which can be used anytime during gameplay to track down Orbs. Furthermore, the map can be used to locate Orbs that have already been collcected.

    In addition, Crackdown 2 features Renegade Orbs, which require players to chase them down in order to collect them and boost their Agility or Driving skills. There are two types of Renegade Orbs: Driving Orbs and Agility Orbs.

    Crackdown 2 also introduces Online Orbs, which require multiple players through Xbox Live to stand near them in order to be collected.

    Collecting an Agility Orb in the main game rewards the player with the 'First Rung of the Ladder' achievement. Obtaining all 500 Agility Orbs rewards the player with the 'King of the World' achievement.

    Crackdown 3

    The latest game in the series has a total of 750 Agility Orbs, as well as 250 Hidden Orbs, to be found throughout the map. Despite Renegade and Online Orbs not making a return, the Orb tracker does feature on the game's map menu.


    • In Crackdown 3, Echo reveals that Agility Orbs are holographic markers primarily used for training Agents.

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