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    A publisher and digital distribution service focusing on localizing indie games for foreign markets

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    Playism Games is a publishing brand that focuses on localizing and publishing indie PC titles in foreign markets. Playism has localized and published a number of western indie titles into Japanese, including Machinarium, Botanicula, and Dear Esther.

    In the west, Playism is most well known for localizing and publishing the English PC release of La-Mulana.

    AGM was founded in 2006 by Ibai Ameztoy, who had previously been working as the localization director at Marvelous Entertainment. Thanks to its relations with this Japanese developer, AGM was able to start with the localization of series such as Harvest Moon or Rune Factory.

    In 2009, the company moved its headquarters to Osaka, where it started expanding its business to video game testing and marketing. In this year, AGM most noticeably worked on Demon's Souls (PS3) and Gran Turismo PSP.

    In 2010, AGM opened its localization research center. The so-called Media Center gathers interviews with developers and articles regarding the future of the game localization industry, as well as localization programming technics.

    Active Gaming Media's current in-house workforce is of about 30 people of various nationalities, including translators, project managers, programmers and technical localization staff.

    In November 2013, Playism put two of its titles, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae and EF-12, on Steam Greenlight. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae ascended to #7 on the Greenlight charts in just two weeks, and both titles were greenlit less than a month after being posted.


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