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    Agnès Oblige

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    Agnès Oblige is one of the four protagonists in Bravely Default.

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    Agnès Oblige is one of the four protagonists of Bravely Default. She is a reserved young woman raised as a vestal of the wind crystal. Before meeting Tiz and the others, her lone traveling companion is Airy, a cryst fairy. Agnès is reluctant to involve others in her mission out of fear for their safety, but due to her notoriously bad sense of direction, she allows Tiz to join her. Later, after meeting the amnesiac Ringabel and the young Eternian noble Edea, Agnès's journey takes her on a quest around the world to reawaken the four crystals and protect them from the encroaching darkness.

    Agnès was raised in the temple of the wind crystal. Chosen to become the next vestal at an early age, she lived and prayed at the temple on a daily basis with the acolytes, only rarely leaving its walls for special occasions. Because of her sheltered upbringing, she knows little about the outside world, but she does not begrudge the strict guidance under which she was raised.


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