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    The leading character for Shadow of Rome, Agrippa starts off as a high ranking Centurion for the Roman Army, but later events force him to lower himself to the very bottom of the pit as a Gladiator.

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    Shadow of Rome

    Agrippa is the co-protagonist in Shadow of Rome and is controlled during the majority of the fighting sequences.

    At the beginning, Agrippa is a high ranking Centurion for the Roman Army, until the death of Julius Caesar is pinned on his father, whilst his mother is also executed in light of this crime. Is it revealed to him that the winner of the upcoming Gladiatorial games will be the executioner for his father; this motivates Agrippa to put it upon himself--through a suggestion from his ally Claudia--to release his rank and file, and to become a Gladiator under Claudia's brother Sextus' stable.

    Agrippa being chewed on by a tiger during a Gladiatorial game.
    Agrippa being chewed on by a tiger during a Gladiatorial game.

    During this time, Agrippa manages to triumph against overwhelming odds amidst a number of match variants, including Battle Royals, Sieges, Team Destroy the Statues and also bests many of the Valcross members--Decius', the man who executed his mother, elite troops--along the way.

    Upon reaching the finals, Agrippa faces against Decius, and fights a winning battle. However, the battle is shortly halted when Maecanus arrives with a full squadron of Roman troops. It is then unveiled that Decius had his hand in the death of Julius Caesar, but only before Maecenas also announces that, thanks to Octavianus in disguise as Caesar, the current King, Antonius, is the true conspirator behind the entire plot.

    After the grand reveal, Agrippa will first kill Decius, and then goes against Antonius right after. Agrippa will once again win, with Antonius being made ready for capture. More battles emerge even still, as Sextus arrives with a small army to claim Antonius to help obliterate Rome for killing his father.

    Agrippa, now once more a Roman soldier, begins chase after Sextus with Claudia, eventually with the two battling it out on board his ship. Agrippa manages to beat Sextus also, but with Sextus dying under a collapsed tower which was shot down by Antonius. Now with only Antonius left amidst the unraveled mystery, Agrippa and Octavianus invade his fleet with Agrippa heading alone to Antonius' ship. On board, the two yet again fight with Agrippa besting Antonius once more. This time, though, Antonius is put down for good as he manically falls of the edge of the ship into the water with his wounds.

    With all the blood shed finally over, Octavianus, as the true heir to Julius Caesar, appoints Agrippa as his General, with Claudia opting to travel instead while insisting she'll return to witness the ''new'' Rome.


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