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    Agro the horse provides the protagonist Wander with both transportation and companionship across the vast world of Shadow of the Colossus.

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    Agro is a horse. He is the faithful steed of Wander, hero of the popular PlayStation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus. Agro fulfills two vital functions in the game: he conveys Wander across the lonely miles of the game world, and he provides companionship for Wander on his quest to find and fell the Colossi that inhabit it. Agro is widely regarded as one of the most famous horses in gaming, on a par with Link's trusty mount Epona.

    Impact on the Game

    The game world of Shadow of the Colossus is huge, impractical to traverse quickly by walking. Surefooted Agro serves as the player's means of transportation, but he contributes far more than simply taking the player from point A to point B. Only while riding Agro can the player raise his sword to "home in" on the next Colossus and then quickly proceed to its location. The horse is also a comrade-in-arms, enabling the player to use bow and arrow to attack his gigantic foes.

    Agro''s function as companion to the hero in his travels should not be underestimated. The emptiness of the game world can quickly instill a feeling of isolation in the player, with Agro the only available companion. This sense of solitude subtly encourages the player to form a strong emotional bond with his mount, a bond the player may not become aware of until events late in the game bring it to the fore. The design and execution of this emotional arc was heavily praised by reviewers upon the game's release and is widely viewed as a key part of its success.


    Agro initially appears as jet-black, save for a white diamond-shaped patch upon his head. Meeting certain goals in Shadow of the Colossus unlocks new "skins" for Agro:

    • Brown Agro - This alternate coat is unlocked by completing the game on regular difficulty and holding down the Square button on the controller at the main menu.
    • White Agro - This skin can be unlocked by completing the game on hard difficulty and holding down the Circle button on the controller at the main menu.
    • ICO Agro - Agro's white forehead patch assumes the shape of the 'I' from the ICO logo. This minor change is unlocked by having an ICO save on the Memory Card.

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