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    Shaman in training of Celestia in Atlus' 2011 RPG Radiant Historia.

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    Role in Radiant Historia's Story

    Aht is a young, rambunctious Satyros that Stocke rescues from a wild monster encounter on the Gran Plains, along with her troupe of travelling Satyros performers. Instantly smitten with the reticent agent, Aht becomes very curious about Stocke and asks him all sorts of questions. As they travel together to Granorg, Aht's true nature as a shaman-in-training becomes apparent, as do her prestigious magical skills in combat. Due to her age, Stocke often tries to convince her to stay behind where she can be safe before setting out on a dangerous journey, but she usually finds a way to force herself into Stocke's group regardless.

    In the Alternate Timeline, Aht is already in shaman training in the Satyros village of Celestia and is referred to respectfully as Lady Aht. When Stocke meets her for the first time in this timeline, her affection for Stocke carries over from the Standard Timeline and she decides to resume her role in his group.

    Aht's otherworldly abilities as a fledgling shaman of the Satyros people gives her keen insight into the spiritual well-being (or "mana") of all living things. This even extends to her being able to perceive Lippti's and Teo's presences whenever they pause time to talk to Stocke through Historia. Because she cares deeply for Stocke, she refuses to tell him what she knows about his true nature and potential fate as Eruca's "Sacrifice". A chance meeting with the previous Satyros shaman - who also abandoned her duties out of love - puts her back on the dutiful path.

    Alternative Timeline

    During the meeting with the previous shaman, it is possible for Aht to adopt the same impassioned attitude of her predecessor, and send Stocke to a "safe place" to wait out the rest of the desertification process instead of allowing him to be killed. This prevents Stocke from being used as a Sacrifice, but causes the world to end regardless and is one of the game's many "bad", or false endings.

    Role in Combat

    Aht's biggest strengths in combat are her speed and her mines. Aht's mines are unique to her, and allow her to place a magical trap on the enemy's grid provided that space isn't already being taken up by an enemy. She lacks most of the skills required to move enemies around (besides the standard push, which she only receives at a very high level) so she's dependent on other characters like Stocke or Gafka to knock enemies into the traps she's made. The traps often cause an incredible amount of damage, however, due to Aht's high magic power stat.

    Aht's speed and multi-hit moves like Dancing Death also allow her to raise the party's combo meter very quickly, which can be instrumental in boss encounters. She is also one of two characters (along with Stocke) who can steal items from enemies, which is a quick and cheap way to earn curative items and occasionally recover special weapons and accessories.


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