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    Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 14, 2001

    Join Alaron on his quest to find answers in this adventure RPG.

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      The game is a fairly straightforward fantasy RPG. The beginning of the game sets the protagonist, Alaron, in the middle of the forest searching for a lost friend. After a few simple encounters, Alaron is ambushed by a party of goblins, who poison him, knocking him unconscious. He awakens in the hut of a mysterious healer, and soon after sets off to return to his castle home. From here, the adventure begins as Alaron sets out with a party of trusted compatriots to cure his affliction and go on to greater things in the future. 
     The game features combat with a variety of different types of weapons and equipment, skills ranging from stealth and tracking to proficiency with martial weapons and shields, and many different classes of magical spells and abilities. The player character Alaron may be trained along a number of different paths to become more focused on one or two disciplines or have skills ranging across many. At any time, he is aided by a party of three other people, which can include mages, fighters, rogues, bards, and others. 
    The game received a mediocre reception, with critics citing poor graphics and the game's "plodding" pace, apparently never having played an N64 game before.


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