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Much like the title suggests, Air Traffic Chaos puts the player in the shoes of an air traffic controller. The object of the game is to balance flight take-offs and flight landings at five real Japanese airports. The game is controlled entirely by the touch screen, which displays a grid of information regarding different planes, their level of elevation, and the stress levels of the pilots. The top screen displays the in-game time, the players' current score, as well as a countdown timer that is in effect when deciding the fate of each plane.

The game has the player make choices such as: when the plane is allowed to taxi, which runway the plane should use, and ultimately, when the plane is and isn't allowed to take off. The player also has to decide which runway incoming planes are allowed to use, as well as which gate they are to dock at. The player can be forced to control up to 8 planes at a time, requiring excellent management skills in order to succeed.

Each session of gameplay is timed, and these sessions are referred to as "shifts". At the end of each "shift", a stats screen will pop up that will inform you of your grade for the round, as well as your stress level and the amount of planes you managed for the "shift". Clearing point various point levels unlock higher difficulties, and bestow various new air traffic controller titles.

Various Facts
  • Air Traffic Chaos supports the DS rumble pack (sold separately)
  • The five actual Japanese airports simulated in the game are: Fukuoka, Kansai Intl., Chubu Intl., Tokyo Intl., and New Chitose.

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